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Release Notes

The Open-Source OroCRM for Commerce and the OroPlatform

OroCRM 2.0.1

List of fixed issues and improvements

  • Magento data grids fetch all data
  • Email and phone values can’t be found by using the global search if they were added after editing a contact record
  • Layout messes up under filter activation on "Select Contacts" form
  • User is unable to change default currency
  • Remove unexpected order by ID from entities’ grids
  • Slow Accounts grid data fetching
  • Not optimal row ACL receiving in grids
  • Slow B2B Customers grid
  • Slow Leads count records on the grid
  • Slow Leads grid fetching data
  • Slow Opportunities count records on the grid
  • Integration settings should be hidden when email feature is disabled
  • Slow Opportunities by Status widget should be fixed
  • The event chain is not displayed on My Calendar
  • Users are not displayed after adding to share list
  • Magento Customers grid is too slow
  • There is no possibility to create Opportunity via Outlook add-in
  • Shortcut labels should be corrected
  • Duplicated Contacts view name should be corrected
  • There is no possibility to sync emails from EWS
  • Error in prod.log after updating contact via API shouldn’t be presented
  • Compose email: Contact is not found in autocomplete
  • Account grid error on edit opportunity page in Commerce+CRM instance
  • Sample data for Magento at OroCloud trial doesn’t work with OroPlatform 2.0
  • Close revenue field is not pre-filled on a Transition form
  • Broken Forecast widget on month edges should be fixed

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