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Release Notes

The Open-Source OroCRM for Commerce and the OroPlatform

OroCRM 2.0.2

List of fixed issues and improvements

  • Fixed Corrupted installation on replicated MySQL server
  • Fixed "(%sign%)" instead of base currency symbol in the "Change history"
  • Fixed incorrect display import forms errors
  • Fixed Deleted Extended Entity causes Cache Warmup crash
  • Fixed Emails and Thread Emails are displayed in duplicate
  • Fixed Custom field is not synchronized with Redis cache
  • Fixed Impossible to configure system mail box for some shared hostings
  • Fixed Broken functionality of configurable export
  • Fixed outdated documentation in OroWorkflowBundle
  • Fixed Cron scheduled workflow transitions are not working
  • Fixed Widget “Campaigns By Close Revenue ”: Total for campaign are shown incorrectly for “today” date range.
  • Fixed System mailbox thread disappears
  • Fixed Account grid error on edit opportunity page
  • Fixed Update from 1.9.3 to 2.0.1 is broken
  • Fixed Magento Place order does not work
  • Fixed Magento Dashboard appears instead of Place Order dialog
  • Fixed Pin doesn’t delete when entity has been deleted
  • Fixed Invalid interruption of AMQP(RabbitMQ) transport

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