Release Notes

The Open-Source OroCRM for Commerce and the OroPlatform

OroCRM 2.0.22

List of fixed issues and improvements

  • Fixed cannot configure Magento integration
  • Fixed duplication of records in reports take places when a record has to-many relation
  • Fixed Datagrid string filter for to-many and to-one relation are working incorrectly
  • Fixed data audit and search not working when more than one consumers is running
  • Fixed memory leak in the cache (Redis) due to Search queries
  • Fixed API key creation/update
  • Fixed use trusty build instead of obsolete precise
  • Ported fix for JS errors when deferred render is called after dispose
  • Fixed My Emails thread view widget error loading
  • Fixed lost Magento data due to access denied error
  • Fixed unique constraint on "oro_email_address" affected a parallel import with 4 consumers
  • Fixed every Magento Sync integration finished with fatal error
  • Fixed Cannot Export All Users via Datagrid Export