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Release Notes

The Open-Source OroCRM for Commerce and the OroPlatform

OroCRM 2.0.5

List of fixed issues and improvements

  • Fixed notice is occurred on each navigation action
  • Fixed incorrect handling of multi-select type fields on any view page
  • Fixed impossible to install Oro products
  • Fixed absent "Channel" field in created via API Magento Customer
  • Fixed Business Units may be removed with mass delete
  • Fixed async import processor fails if file was removed
  • Fixed PHP error during setup Chart Designer in Report manager
  • Fixed a lot of duplicate messages for update email owner associations
  • Fixed export functionality
  • Fixed system Email Mailbox doesn’t convert to Lead
  • Updated Job Execution documentation in the Oro Book
  • Added complex index to data audit table
  • Fixed error with namespace after upgrade app from 1.12 to 2.0
  • Fixed Calendar Events created via Outlook Add-in are forbidden for creator
  • Fixed resetting grid filters after changing their current state
  • Fixed error when deleting email/phone for Contact by inline editing
  • Fixed 500 Internal Server Error when creating user via API
  • Fixed Incorrect behavior of ESC button during the inline editing of date fields
  • Fixed error when reloading grid after ACL changes
  • Fixed Magento integration does not work and no errors are occurred
  • Fixed Lost default sort order for Accounts grid
  • Fixed Opportunity changes when submit form without new data
  • Fixed UI artifacts in Place Magento Order iframe
  • Fixed mistake in message when opportunity grid contains no records
  • Fixed Accounts and Customers are not created during Magento sync
  • Fixed Management Console > Reports & Segments > Leads > Leads By Geography > Appears js error when clicking to edit item
  • Fixed Magento synchronization fails with fatal errors
  • Fixed data audit fails with fatal after Magento synchronization
  • Fixed Zendesk integration owner cannot loging to OroCRM
  • Fixed Create Magento order transition do not work
  • Fixed Incorrect behavior of Marketing List when new entity is created in the system
  • Fixed Slow Ecommerce widget leads to 40 seconds login
  • Fxied Slow deletion or impossible to delete Magento channel
  • Fxied Slow My Sales Flow B2C widget
  • Fixed do not skip Magento customers if some data is not matched to Oro
  • Fxied Incorrect Country mapping during Magento synchronization
  • Fxied Incorrect Guest customers processing leads to lost real customers
  • Fixed Reports show incorrect value in budget amount field
  • Fixed Email feature disabling works incorrectly for organization

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