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Release Notes

The Open-Source OroCRM for Commerce and the OroPlatform

OroCRM 2.6.12

List of fixed issues and improvements

  • Upgraded 2.6 LTS release to the latest Symfony 2.8.38 version
  • Implement possibility to add custom operators for API filters
  • Implemented delaying Search Reindex during upgrade
  • Implemented performance improvement for ORM search
  • Added possibility to use new API on frontend
  • Refactored CSV butch export to avoid fgetcsv
  • Changed default interval of oro:cron:imap-credential-notifications
  • Updated LoadDataFixturesCommand with fixtures path locator
  • Added validation on adding unavailable currency in config ‘allowed currencies’ on organization level
  • Fixed Tags are not available on *.csv import
  • Fixed System calendar fields validation /system-calendar/view/
  • Fixed Additional comments do not appear in report grouped fields
  • Fixed Broken relationship between Opportunities and Customers
  • Fixed Invalid Opportunities migration from 1.12 to 2.x version
  • Fixed Deadlock detected in import due to EmailBundle:EntityListener
  • Fixed "Created Date" filter at "Leads By Date" report get 500 error
  • Fixed Broken Data Grid Export functionality
  • Fixed Dotmailer does not work on PostgreSQL with case sensitivity setting
  • Fixed Newline Character stripped from Magento Address
  • Fixed Magento sync crash with long first and last names
  • Fixed Safari: Style issue with primary flag
  • Fixed Missing translation for primary address label
  • Fixed Reports broken after upgrade to 2.6
  • Fixed Install command doesn’t return any code
  • Fixed New system calendar doesn’t appear on grid
  • Fixed Cannot edit system calendar event on activity list
  • Fixed Wrong access rights for users to emails
  • Fixed Invalid query of audit
  • Fixed Error when user resets password from User Profile
  • Fixed DataAudit fails when adding Customer User with concatenated name over 255 chars
  • Fixed Broken style and functionality of minimizable windows
  • Fixed Form label for extended relation is ignored
  • Fixed Consuming interrupted by exception in ClearInactiveMailbox
  • Fixed Not minified JS file found during testing Showing related products feature
  • Fixed Send mass notifications to application users from CLI functionality does not work
  • Fixed JS error autobahn on frontend when clank server is running
  • Fixed Emails attaching incorrectly to a contact using mass emails and threads
  • Fixed Menu items still available if the permissions are disabled
  • Fixed Broken styles for tinymce popups
  • Fixed Wrong position of the forgot password form
  • Fixed Visual Workflow Configurator is out of order
  • Fixed Admin > Email configuration – no possibility to change Primary Email if add Email synchronization settings
  • Fixed Users > Email Configuration – "Check Connection/Retrieve folders" button is not clickable
  • Fixed EmailTemplate translations doesn’t work
  • Fixed Altering field identifier option leads to changing of its name under import
  • Fixed Option closeOnSelect in Select2 does not work
  • Fixed oro_sync_ticket route missing on store frontend
  • Fixed Maximize/minimize control button does not work
  • Fixed Default intverval of oro:cron:imap-credential-notifications
  • Fixed Not able to clear the value in Date field
  • Fixed Template import fails after changing system language
  • Fixed JS error with context containing semicolon
  • Fixed ShortcutsView initialization throws to JS error if shortcuts placeholder is turned off.
  • Fixed Embedded form create
  • Fixed Incorrect display of HTML email body
  • Fixed Consumers should process Schema Update status
  • Fixed The notes and calls not render html tags correctly
  • Fixed Symfony ToolBar Layout inspector
  • Fixed Swiftmailer stream_options are not passed to the transport
  • Fixed Grid configs are not warmuped in case Redis usage and allkeys-lru strategy
  • Fixed WYSIWYG editor not showing up when application installed in a subfolder
  • Fixed Email body is not synced without Content-type header
  • Fixed Front API – 500 Internal Server Error
  • Fixed No notification about required translation cache update after adding product attributes
  • Fixed Failed update from 2.0 to master
  • Fixed web_backend_prefix dependency in platform
  • Fixed "Download all" email attachments fails
  • Fixed Front API Exception when adding subresource
  • Fixed Exception in OroRichTextType.php line 110: Attempted to call an undefined method named "getBasePath" of class "SymfonyComponentAssetUrlPackage"
  • Fixed Endless consumer crashes on messages with invalid job id
  • Fixed Possible bug in EntityDetachFixer classBug BAP-16928 Incorrect Dictionary filter by name
  • Fixed Safari: At least one folder of mailbox is required to be selected
  • Fixed Invalid behavior of Layout custom themes styles inheritance
  • Fixed UpdateEmailActivityListOwners migration fails wtih data from multiple origins
  • Fixed Invalid validation behavior on select2 dropdowns with entities selection
  • Fixed Broken JS validation on checkbox or radio button group
  • Fixed Address Region View doesn’t hide region select field
  • Fixed Scroll Top View throws error
  • Fixed System mailboxes stops working once you activate "Convert to case" and add a tag
  • Fixed Datagrid filter parameter applied with wrong type

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