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Start Your Online B2B Marketplace With a Free
RFP Template

This RFP template enables you to start and engage in conversation with prospective marketplace vendors. It helps you identify capabilities, collect vendor information, and compare vendors with each other to determine whether or not they can meet your requirements.

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What is a request for proposal (RFP)?

Businesses use RFPs to help them select the right vendor or platform. An RFP places vendors on an even playing field and helps companies discover and evaluate the right provider for their unique needs. For complex use cases, the RFP can uncover specific needs across the company, including within departments and partner networks, and identify the right questions to ask vendors..

What are the benefits of a marketplace RFP?

When you start your marketplace vendor selection with an RFP template, it’s easier to reaffirm intentions internally and communicate them to prospective vendors. Oro’s B2B marketplace RFP template leaves no stone unturned and offers marketplace operators a comprehensive resource to select a solution that meets their exacting requirements.

How to use the B2B marketplace RFP template?

This RFP template is offered as an Excel spreadsheet so you can download it, add/delete questions, and re-use as needed. When you get your responses back, you can resubmit your RFP and address any feedback. Or, you can move to the next stage of the software selection process, such as calls and negotiations. In either case, this marketplace RFP template will be useful for both leadership teams, digital directors, digital commerce teams, and consultants and agencies looking to select the right solutions for their clients.

a free b2b marketplace rfp template

This B2B marketplace RFP template is a useful for:

  • Digital Directors and eCommerce Leaders
  • Digital Solution Providers & Agencies
  • Business Development Managers
  • IT Executives and Managers
  • CFOs and Finance Teams
  • C-Suite and Leadership Teams
  • Sales and Marketing Directors

Why should you download this template?

Our free RFP template is the most efficient way to identify whether a marketplace platform vendor can fit your B2B marketplace requirements today and tomorrow. It includes a list of essential, comprehensive questions to ask your potential vendor – whether you’re replatforming or launching a new marketplace. Here’s what’s included:

The Vendor Profile

Fill out the vendor profile with critical information for a better understanding and apples-to-apples comparison of shortlisted vendors. This allows you to understand their background, expertise, and future potential.

Marketplace Operator Requirements

This covers various aspects operators should expect from their marketplace platform. It's what you should ask vendors about seller onboarding, content management, website management, monetization, and more.

Vendor Requirements

Vendor-facing features help vendors succeed in your marketplace. This list includes questions that help vendors sell, promote, and manage products. It also touches upon inventory, pricing, fulfillment, marketing, and more.

Buyer Requirements

If your marketplace doesn’t appeal to buyers, it won’t attract and retain vendors, either. This section focuses on buyer needs for a great pre-sale and post-sale experience.

Technical Requirements

We cover all the necessary technical capabilities, from technologies used to manage high volumes of traffic, large SKUs, and IT infrastructure requirements to ensure a smooth operation of your marketplace.

Licensing and Pricing

This section goes over the costs of your platform, from the cost of acquisition to the total cost of ownership. Know what hidden fees and expenses await down the road and make an informed platform decision.

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