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Product News & Updates

“Bringing Customer ‘Aha’ Moments to Life”: Daphna Andrews Joins Oro as New VP of Customer Experience

It’s with great excitement that we introduce Daphna Andrews to the Oro team as the new global VP of Customer Experience. Soon after she joined, we sat down with Daphna for an interview. Here are some highlights from the conversation.


B2B eCommerce

New Case Study Report: How Can Midmarket Distributors Compete With Goliaths?

Great distribution partners aren’t merely an opportunity to expand your reach - they're a key part of your competitive advantage. Forrester interviewed technology leaders from five distribution companies and shared what makes them successful.


B2B eCommerce

10 Commonly Neglected Issues Solved by eCommerce Platforms

Everyone knows eCommerce helps boost productivity and improve the customer experience. But in this post, we explore 10 lesser-known and commonly neglected issues and how they can be solved by eCommerce platforms.


B2B eCommerce

Top B2B eCommerce Software for Medium Businesses: Accelerating Growth and Streamlining Operations

Discover the top 9 eCommerce platforms for medium-sized enterprises. Whether you're selling products or services, these platforms enable you to move online, build an online presence, grow your sales and expand to new markets.


B2B eCommerce

Scalable eCommerce Platform Strategy: How to Scale Your B2B Business

Learn how a scalable eCommerce platform supports business and sales growth, how to scale your eCommerce strategy, and how to select a scalable eCommerce platform. Explore real-life examples and case studies.

webinars b2b ecommerce

B2B eCommerce

How to Use Webinars in eCommerce to Build B2B Customer Relationships

Webinars are a great strategy for generating leads, communicating and interacting with your customers, and building great customer relationships. Discover how to leverage webinars and B2B eCommerce in your B2B marketing and sales activities.


Product News & Updates

We’ve Raised $13M to Accelerate Digital Transformation with B2B eCommerce

Big news! We're thrilled to announce that we've secured a $13 million funding round to grow our company, and revolutionize our industry. We couldn't be more excited about the possibilities this brings for our customers, ecosystem, and friends.


B2B eCommerce

10 Dropshipping Tips Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Miss

Want to succeed eCommerce dropshipping in 2023? Don't miss out on these 10 dropshipping tips, insights, and strategies for building a successful digital commerce and dropshipping business.


B2B eCommerce

eCommerce Platform Migration in 2023: Supporting Scalability and Future Growth

Thinking of switching to a new selling platform for your B2B business? Our step-by-step guide covers everything from understanding the benefits of replatforming, addressing the myths, preparing your business, and much more.

OroMarketplace Blog

Our B2B eCommerce blog comprises posts on a wide range of topics any B2B eCommerce market player will find useful. We share only latest industry news, highlight most innovative technologies and proven B2B best practices, and announce high-profile events orchestrating the B2B eCommerce space. Our experts provide actionable marketing advice to help you fuel up your business evolvement. To introduce OroCommerce, the first genuine B2B platform, and educate our customers on its extensive set of features, we offer guided tutorials,functionality overviews, and latest product advancements. Subscribe to our blog to take advantage of the booming eCommerce market.

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