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[Free Template] B2B Marketplace RFP Template to Streamline Your Vendor Selection

September 30, 2021 | Oro Team

If you’re making the first steps into the world of B2B marketplaces, choosing the right platform is critical. Using an RFP (request for proposal) template, operators can receive bids from marketplace vendors which can be compared with one another. The RFP offers an apples-to-apples comparison that leads to a clear picture of features and capabilities that will matter to your business.

Why Use Oro’s B2B Marketplace RFP Template?

Enterprise marketplace platforms are complicated pieces of software with many moving parts. Operators must offer vendors an ideal selling environment, and ensure eCommerce PCI compliance for safe transactions. The marketplace RFP process is equally complex. Starting with a B2B marketplace RFP template eliminates the time-consuming process of collecting questions and lets you focus on your business’s unique needs. The primary goal of Oro’s RFP template is to help you:

  • Identify key capabilities and prioritize features internally;
  • Collect vendor information and compare it with your requirements;
  • Evaluate vendors side-by-side in a controlled environment;
  • Easily modify and customize the template according to your needs.

What Is Included in the RFP Template?

Our B2B marketplace RFP template contains questions around diverse areas that interest your business, departments, and tech leaders. The topics covered in this RFP touch upon every aspect of your B2B marketplace to ensure you get a platform with the highest performance, flexibility, and completeness. It is divided into the following sections:

General questions to the software vendor

Here, you can include information about your vendor and use this list to narrow down potential vendors. It includes the basics like company background, product roadmap, features, pricing, and basic compliance information.

Features for marketplace operators

Operator features cover the essentials of your marketplace platform. These include seller onboarding, content management, and website administration requirements. Questions about fees, memberships, notifications, and reporting are also included.

Vendor-facing features and capabilities

This section includes the bulk of marketplace features that vendors will expect to see in your platform. We cover product management options, checkout, inventory, payments, pricing, shipping, as well as marketing and reporting.

Buyer and customer experience features

For your marketplace to succeed, you must attract new customers and keep existing ones coming back. B2B buyers require features that offer them a superior purchase experience, and we cover all of that here.

Technical and functional requirements

We explore your marketplace vendor’s technical capabilities. These include working with high traffic volumes, large SKUs, and IT infrastructure requirements. We also discuss security, hosting, integration, and support.

Licencing and pricing questionnaire

This section helps you identify the costs with the platform, from the cost of acquisition to the total cost of ownership. It will help you understand the benefits of modernizing processes and efficiency improvements from your software decision.

Who Will Find the RFP Template Useful?

This RFP template will be helpful to anyone taking part in the marketplace software decision process. From company leaders, digital directors, business owners, to marketing, sales, and IT professionals, everyone will find something of value in this template.

The template will be helpful to:

  • Digital Directors and eCommerce Leaders
  • Digital Solution Providers & Agencies
  • Business Development Managers
  • IT Executives and Managers
  • CFOs and Finance Teams
  • C-Suite and Leadership Teams
  • Sales and Marketing Directors

We created this resource for anyone considering building and scaling a marketplace business. Download the free B2B marketplace RFP template, make the necessary adjustments, and start your vendor search the right way.

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