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B2B eCommerce

B2B Commerce UnCut Podcast Series Premiere: Distinguishing Signal from the Noise

B2B Commerce UnCut is the unvarnished, unscripted, and unedited B2B eCommerce podcast. We talk about everything B2B eCommerce related and leave nothing off the table. Here's what makes us different and why you should join in on the action.

order management system

B2B eCommerce

Order Management System: What Is It and Do You Need One?

Successful B2B order management improves operations and boosts customer retention. Learn all about OMS systems, their functions, benefits, and more.

marketplace business metrics

B2B eCommerce

21 KPIs to Evaluate B2B Marketplace Performance

Starting or operating a B2B marketplace? How do you know you're on the right track? Not all metrics are created equal. Here are the essential KPIs for tracking your marketplace's viability, health, and performance.


B2B eCommerce

5 Steps to Omnichannel Retailing in eCommerce (with Examples)

Many brands find the shift to omnichannel retail a challenging transformation. These five steps will help you navigate the quickly-changing omnichannel world.

December 2021 B2B eCommerce Roundup

B2B eCommerce

December 2021 B2B eCommerce Roundup: What Should Manufacturers, Distributors, and B2B Sellers Expect in 2022?

In this December 2021 News Roundup, we look forward to 2022. We’re covering key trends and predictions in digital commerce and marketing that impact manufacturing, distribution, and wholesaling.

inventory management for b2b ecommerce

B2B eCommerce

Why You Need Inventory Management Integrations for Your B2B eCommerce Store

Inventory management is a crucial element for the success of B2B eCommerce. Learn more about the benefits of inventory management for B2B digital commerce and essential features to consider when researching inventory management software.


B2B eCommerce

Oro’s 2021 Year in Review

As we look back on 2021, we're incredibly proud of how far we got. Let's review our numbers and the new partnerships, customers, and friends we gained. Thank you for being part of this exciting journey, and see you in the next year!


B2B eCommerce

2022 B2B Ecommerce Trends, Statistics And Predictions

B2B eCommerce is changing faster than ever. Don't get left behind – save these exclusive 2022 B2B eCommerce trends, statistics, and insights.


B2B eCommerce

Oro Unaffected by Log4j Vulnerability

A new security vulnerability in the log4j Java logging framework has the world's IT community on edge. Oro's technical team monitored and analyzed any potential threats and determined that Oro is not exposed to this vulnerability.

B2B eCommerce

Our B2B eCommerce blog comprises posts on a wide range of topics any B2B eCommerce market player will find useful. We share only latest industry news, highlight most innovative technologies and proven B2B best practices, and announce high-profile events orchestrating the B2B eCommerce space. Our experts provide actionable marketing advice to help you fuel up your business evolvement. To introduce OroCommerce, the first genuine B2B platform, and educate our customers on its extensive set of features, we offer guided tutorials,functionality overviews, and latest product advancements. Subscribe to our blog to take advantage of the booming eCommerce market.

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