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[Live Demo Webinar] OroMarketplace: The B2B Marketplace Platform for Any Selling Scenario

August 26, 2021 | Oro Team

The rapid growth of Amazon and Alibaba demonstrated that buyers are drawn to shopping destinations that offer a wide selection, seller transparency, and minimal friction. And these trends go beyond consumer-like experiences. This Spring, Amazon Business hit $25 billion in annual sales just three years after crossing the $10 billion mark.

The COVID-19 pandemic only reinforced the resilience and agility of marketplaces, as operators could leverage their networks to fill in gaps during demand surges. It also showed that a B2B marketplace platform is particularly good at securing loyal customers in an increasingly competitive and demanding sales environment.

Discover what you can learn from the success of the Alibaba marketplace model.

Why Did We Create OroMarketplace?

Since its early days, Oro’s founding team understood the importance of connecting people and nurturing those relationships. Over the years, it proved to be central to addressing the changing complexities of B2B businesses.

Today, our community is the bedrock of everything that we do. From the open-source architecture of our products to the development process, our partner, developer, and customer ecosystem takes an active part in Oro’s direction. After a decade of learning about the challenges faced by manufacturers, distributors, and B2B sellers, we were ready for the next chapter of digital commerce.

It proved to be the ideal time for OroMarkatplace, the only B2B-focused, integrated marketplace management software.

Even before the official launch of OroMarketplace. Gartner has included Oro in their Guide to Marketplace Operations Applications. OroMarketplace was recognized for its strong B2B commerce focus, robust marketplace workflows, seller management features, and flexibility to support any selling model.

While building a marketplace from scratch may be intimidating, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Mark your calendars for front-row seats where we discuss to OroMarketplace and learn everything you need to know about our most recent product.

Reserve your spot for OroMarketplace: The B2B marketplace platform for any selling scenario

on Thursday, October 7, 11 am EDT / 5 pm CET

This webinar is your ultimate, one-stop introduction to OroMarketplace. Join our product experts in exploring the features OroMarketplace offers to marketplace operators, vendors, and customers. Discover what makes us stand out from our competitors and succeed in the new era of digital commerce.

You’ll learn about:

Marketplace operator features

  • Onboarding features to get partners and vendors up and running
  • Product approval and verification workflows
  • Marketplace-specific features such as monetization strategies and revenue distribution
  • Vendor segmentation, permission tiers, and commissions
  • Vendor management and reporting dashboards

Vendor features

  • Vendor account management including roles and permissions
  • Working with multiple warehouses and tracking inventory
  • Uploading product catalogs and launching new products
  • Vendor store customization capabilities
  • Order splitting by vendors

Buyer features

  • Buyer-facing customer portal
  • Self-service capabilities
  • Order splitting and tracking by buyer

We will be available to guide you through OroMarketplace and answer any questions you may have.

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