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OroMarketplace LTS Demo: The First Marketplace with True B2B Functionality

March 16, 2022 | Oro Team

The wait is over. OroMarketplace LTS is available and ready to bring real B2B functionality to digital marketplaces. 

Join the Demo and find out how OroMarketplace gets you to market and ROI quickly.

Date: Tuesday, April 5th, 2022    Time: 11 am EST / 8 am PST

Discover the open-source marketplace platform that meets the needs of Marketplace Operators with high functionality and low total cost of ownership while giving Marketplace Vendors the flexibility to create unique and personalized customer experiences.

What You’ll See in This Demo

During this demonstration, you’ll see how OroMarketplace makes creating and managing a B2B marketplace easier than you imagined. Customization, flexibility, and automation empower operators and vendors to create experiences buyers want. 

  • Get new sellers approved and up and running quickly using automated account creation that can be initiated from the front- or back-end.  
  • Smooth and intuitive vendor management even in complex selling scenarios such as multiple sellers offering the same SKUs.
  • Stop stressing about reporting and accounting with automated order splitting that relieves the administrative burden on operators. 
  • Sellers open stores faster and enjoy streamlined and transparent product management with tools and widgets designed with their needs in mind.  
  • Buyers enjoy personalized shopping experiences through support for multiple seller price lists.  
  • Put vendors in control of shipping with seller-controlled shipping rules and 3PL support.
  • Frictionless account management at the vendor and buyer level with customizable roles and permission.

Built for B2B Marketplaces

Whether you are extending your own brand, creating a procurement system to support franchisees, or developing a stand-alone marketplace, if you are selling to businesses, you need B2B support. 

OroMarketplace supports multiple corporate accounts for each seller and complex business accounts for each business customer. 

No marketplace scenario is too complex for OroMarketplace.

See for yourself.


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