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OroMarketplace Recognized in 2023 Gartner Market Guide for Marketplace Operation Applications

April 12, 2023 | Oro Team

OroMarketplace is honored to be named one of 18 Representative Vendors in Gartner’s 2023 Market Guide for Marketplace Operations Applications.

Gartner recognizes Representative Vendors for their ability to enable the setup, operation, and ongoing maintenance of an enterprise marketplace. Vendors sell this functionality as a packaged product offering rather than just a service. 

Who’s Included in The Gartner 2023 Market Guide Marketplace Operations Applications?

Marketplace operation applications (MOAs), as defined by Gartner, offer the necessary technology to enable enterprise marketplaces. These digital channels are operated by B2B or B2C organizations that enable third-party sellers to directly sell to end-customers.

Vendors included in the report are limited to those that support the selling of physical goods and services, with digital goods as an option. Vendors must also provide marketplace operators with tools like seller onboarding, seller compliance, catalog, financial, and order management and routing.

What’s Changed For Marketplace Operations Applications For 2023?

Digital marketplaces are continuing to gain traction across numerous industries and product types. In turn, MOAs are expanding their solutions to support multiple types of goods, including manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, high tech, and services. 

According to Gartner, MOAs are entering the market from peripheral solutions such as digital commerce, dropship and online marketplaces.

The report observed the following trends and developments in the MOA market:

  • The momentum of MOAs continued in 2022 as organizations focused on growth and cost optimization amid economic uncertainties. 
  • Large vendors with existing digital commerce businesses drove the growth of headless MOAs that integrate with third-party digital commerce platforms.
  • Organizations demand MOAs that support physical products, services, and digital goods to provide comprehensive solutions to customers.
  • Product mapping tools and shipping management are vital capabilities in MOAs that deliver compelling experiences for customers and sellers.
  • More MOAs are offering seller networks to help organizations quickly scale the marketplace. Some also offer consulting and expert services to improve their clients’ chance of success.
Marketplaces remain an attractive way to expand product offerings, build relationships, streamline procurement, and explore new business models. However, transitioning to a marketplace model requires a solid roadmap and a strong focus on building and maintaining the complex web of relationships between the marketplace operator, vendors, and buyers.
Yoav Kutner, CEO, Oro, Inc

Why Was OroMarketplace Recognized?

Gartner’s report noted that Oro, the company behind OroMarketplace, also offer eCommerce (OroCommerce) and CRM (OroCRM) solutions that specifically cater to B2B organizations. OroMarketplace stood out in the following areas:

Powerful workflows

OroMarketplace employs a workflow engine that enables generating seller onboarding structures, request for quotations, approvals, pricing, ordering, checkout, and shipping rules.

Integrated CRM

OroMarketplace comes bundled with OroCRM, a CRM solution. The CRM functionality powers sales relationships, marketing, and customer support.

Flexible deployment

OroMarketplace offers several options for deployment. Namely, it can be deployed on-premises or as a single-tenant-hosted application.

Numerous industries

OroMarketplace clients span many verticals, including the aerospace, chemicals, and consumer goods verticals. Its customer base is located in North America, Europe, and Latin America.

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