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B2B Companies Leveraging OroMarketplace Capabilities

Distributors, Wholesalers, Brands, and Manufacturers that Use OroMarketplace
B2B Companies Leveraging OroMarketplace Capabilities
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The Diplomat Group is a leading sales and distribution company in the FMCG sector. Diplomat provides excellence in end-to-end supply chain management, logistics and distribution solutions supported by sales and marketing management.

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A fast-growing startup that connects convenience stores, grocery shops and kiosks directly to a variety of suppliers using cutting edge technology.

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As the world’s top provider of aviation parts to aviation, defense, and aerospace purchasers, PartsBase runs a demanding sales operation featuring 100,000,000+ inventory lines from almost 5,000 sellers, with over 9 million offers and RFQs processed annually.

animal supply

Animal Supply Company is the national leader in pet food and supplies distribution serving retailers throughout the United States and the Caribbean. The company has nearly 11,000 independent retail customers operating over 15,000 retail outlets.


Andikem is a chemical fulfilment services model that integrates a large logistics network to connect producers with end users. Unlike traditional distributors, Andikem charges a pre-determined service fee rather than a sales margin, which allows for transparency and better value for both producers and consumers.


Based in France, is a marketplace for small businesses and artisans who want to get bigger exposure and streamlined selling of their goods online.


SupplyCore Inc., a supply chain integrator with 33 years’ experience providing equipment and infrastructure support to U.S. federal agencies and the military.

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