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OroMarketplace: The Engine That Powers Your Marketplace Success

Go to market faster with the most feature-rich B2B marketplace management platform
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Leverage the power of the most flexible and scalable open-source marketplace management platform to build a B2B, B2C, or franchise marketplace to sell any type of goods and services.

Features for Marketplace Operators

Marketplace operators create and manage an entire ecosystem of commerce relationships. The operators need the right features to ensure the efficiency of the marketplace as a whole and the convenience for each buyer and vendor. OroMarketplace is designed to enable digital marketplace operations and drive success.

Marketplace Administration

Operators require control over every aspect of operations, from the structure of the website to user permissions, product attributes, and more. With OroMarketplace’s online marketplace features, you can manage vendors, customers, orders, reports, and site settings from a single place.

  • Manage buyer and vendor onboarding process
  • Support for multiple monetization strategies including subscription, transaction fees, added services, etc.
  • Corporate hierarchy management for both buyers and vendors
  • Roles and permissions management for buyers, vendors, and the marketplace operator
  • Localization capabilities to manage multiple locales currencies, languages, and tax rules
  • Digitize any manual process leveraging OroMarketplace Workflow Engine
  • Support for millions of products, thousands of vendors, and unlimited buyers
  • Manage buyer and vendor relationships with a built-in CRM
  • Customizable dashboard and analytics widgets to monitor business-critical KPIs
  • Robust PIM and DAM features for catalog and product management
  • Extensive set of open APIs to enable the integration with any service/technology provider (ERP, eCommerce PIM, shipping, payment, loyalty, rating and review systems)
  • Highest security standards guaranteed with GDPR, PCI DSS compliance, and SOC 2 Type II certification

Payments and Fees

Marketplaces operate under different monetization models, charging vendors one-time memberships, monthly fees, or commissions. OroMarketplace allows operators to control their pricing models and formulas according to every vendor. They, in turn, can track their fees, income, and profitability with reports and other vendor-specific eCommerce marketplace features.

  • Multiple payment options available, including net terms, credit/debit cards, eChecks, and buy on credit
  • Support for multiple currencies

Vendor Management

A marketplace must offer operators maximum visibility and control of vendors and their organizational structures. As part of its marketplace functionality, OroMarketplace features powerful vendor onboarding and approval workflows. Administrators can accommodate unique vendor organizational structures, vendor employee roles, product management restrictions, and more.

  • Vendor onboarding with unparalleled process automation and customization capabilities
  • Roles and permissions management for corporate users to control access to various marketplace features within the vendor’s organization
  • Reporting and segmentation engine to generate reports based on desired KPIs
  • Customizable dashboards to monitor and gain insight into vendor operations
  • Built-in CRM to manage relationships with vendors and buyers

Design and user experience

B2B and B2C buyers alike expect consistent, personalized shopping experiences, and marketplaces are no exception. OroMarketplace allows operators to modify every aspect of the user experience, including design, search, navigation, and more. Control what different types of buyers see, how they interact with products, and personalize every aspect of their customer journey.

  • Flexible store front-end that enables you to customize the UX with a help of the downloadable UI kit that saves hundreds of hours of design and front-end work
  • Powerful and user-friendly content management system
  • Responsive store front-end and back-end for buyers, vendors, and marketplace operators
  • ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act Standards) and WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) compliant storefront
  • Headless capabilities to integrate with any CMS (Content Management System) of your choice

Marketing capabilities

Marketplace must help vendors market their products to their audiences. OroMarketplace features a powerful, SEO-optimized content management system for product page, landing page, and promotions creation. Set unique vendor permissions allowing them to feature products or set discounts for customers.

  • Discount and promotion engine to create personalized offers and coupons
  • User-friendly content management system handles multiple media formats
  • Create and launch personalized landing pages without the need for developers
  • Content widgets support rich content pages, including blog sections
  • Product information management capabilities
  • Optimize for search engines by page or product

Sales capabilities

Operators need full visibility into sales activity, and OroMarketplace’s built-in CRM is there to help. For example, operators can view sales reports to see how vendors are performing. Enable vendors to negotiate quotes with a powerful RFQ (request for quote) engine. Additionally, using our flexible workflow engine marketplace operators can enable their vendors to split, route, approve, or decline fulfilment.

  • Built-in CRM provides a 360-degree view of all vendor interactions and activities
  • Case tracking capabilities to provide top-notch support to vendors and buyers
  • Automated RFQ/RFP processes
  • Order splitting and routing features
  • Task management and activity logging capabilities
  • Leads and opportunities management

Vendor Features

Vendors are the driving force of any marketplace. OroMarketplace provides your vendors the features and tools they need to easily place and promote their products, complete transactions, and contribute to the success of the marketplace.

Vendor storefront design and layout

While the operator guides, approves and helps vendors succeed, some features of eMarketplace should give vendors control of their online presence. They need to manage the storefront design, logos, and publish their business information. With OroMarketplace’s flexible content management tools, vendors can tailor personalized marketing content to appropriate customer segments.

  • Easily customize and brand your store design
  • Powerful CMS with a modern WYSIWYG editor to customize content
  • Create custom marketing landing pages and content blocks
  • Tools to create personalized offers, products, and discounts for buyers

Multiple permission levels

Marketplaces must accommodate vendors of different shapes and sizes selling various products and services. One of the defining B2B marketplace features includes letting vendors specify their own roles within their account. OroMarketplace’s vendor admin panel enables vendor admins to manage permissions of sales managers, sales reps, and other employees.

  • Mirror the organizational hierarchy of a vendor
  • Multiple corporate accounts for each vendor, complete with customizable roles and permissions

Warehousing, inventory management, and fulfillment

OroMarketplace grants vendors numerous administrative-level tools to manage inventory, fulfillment, notifications, and more. Certain features give them full control of order fulfillment: they can manage multiple locations and warehouses, and set workflows to route orders between them. They can also integrate with 3rd-party logistics partners, warehouses, or carriers of their choice

  • Manage multiple warehouses
  • Basic inventory management functionality
  • Integrate with the ERP of choice
  • Drop-shipping support split by vendor
  • Integrate with multiple shipping solutions

Sales and marketing tools

Vendors require comprehensive marketing features to successfully sell their products and services on your marketplace long-term. OroMarketplace features a built-in CRM, which helps sellers take control of the customer experience and optimize customer journeys. It’s designed to help vendors manage everything from their leads, promotions, support, and returns management.

  • Online quoting and order negotiation capabilities
  • Customizable leads and opportunities management workflows
  • 360-degree view of each buyer with visibility into marketing, sales, and support interactions
  • Personalized promotions and coupons
  • Merchandising features
  • Vendor store SEO tools
  • Integrated CRM for task management and activity logging
  • Online customer support and return authorization tools

Pricing control

Vendors tend to have diverse pricing requirements – some set prices according to predefined strategies, customer account, order quantity, or other factors. OroMarketplace features a built-in pricing calculation engine, support for multiple currencies, tax rules, and more. Vendors can offer their customers personalized payment methods, including terms and invoicing options within the same order.

  • Dynamic pricing engine automates price configuration and calculation based on user-defined rules
  • Tiered pricing for bulk orders
  • Set price attributes such as MSRP, MAP, wholesale price
  • Create multiple price lists for different customer groups
  • Support for multiple currencies

Reporting and segmentation

To grow sales, B2B vendors require complete visibility across numerous business units, sales channels, product catalogs, and customers. Additional features help marketplace vendors maximize profitability with a flexible, built-in reporting engine. Every vendor can track their sales and financial performance, from revenue to profit to related fees.

  • Create custom reports based on any entity
  • Pre-configured reporting widgets and dashboard to track sales and product performance
  • Customer segmentation capabilities allow grouping based on any parameter to build marketing lists and customize in-store experiences, prices, and product lists

Buyer Features

If a marketplace doesn’t appeal to buyers, it won’t attract and keep vendors. Successful marketplace operators understand the importance of providing a superior shopping experience. And providing that experience for B2B buyers requires sophisticated features. Oro understands the needs of B2B buyers and vendors like no other software company.

Corporate buying accounts

Unlike B2C consumers, many B2B buyers have unique purchasing requirements. For example, they may only be able to work with pre-approved vendors. Others may operate within multiple business units and approval workflows. Since it’s built for B2B duty, OroMarketplace features support complex business customer requirements out of the box.

  • Corporate buying accounts
  • Create accounts that recreate buyer corporate hierarchy
  • Unlimited, configurable buyer roles and permissions
  • Guest checkout workflow

Customer portal

Buyers increasingly prefer self-service over purchasing through a sales rep. OroMarketplace enables shoppers to help themselves through personalized dashboards. Customer portal benefits and features should allow users to specify delivery terms and locations, adjust payment options, request quotes, manage their shopping lists, check on order status, and more.

  • Easy access to complete order history
  • Support for multiple shipping addresses
  • Create multiple shopping lists per account
  • Share shopping lists between accounts

Quick ordering and reordering options

When you save customers time during ordering and checkout, you reduce friction and increase repeat sales. Help buyers locate items with ease, add items to the desired shopping list, and bulk upload orders for one-page checkout. With OroMarkatplace’s B2B features, customers can order from multiple vendors and split orders according to the right physical location.

  • Advanced product search, including search by SKU
  • Quickly place repeat orders
  • Order via CSV-upload
  • Quick order forms allow purchasing directly from the product listing page
  • Matrix ordering functionality facilitates bulk orders of products with multiple variations


Today’s customers expect to see content relevant to them. They also come back to sites that offer seamless, friction-free experiences. Personalization is one of the central features of online marketplace and incorporates personal product visibility, personalized pricing, order negotiation, all the way to fulfillment.

  • Easily accessible buyer-specific coupons and promotions
  • Personalized catalogs and pricing at the buyer or buyer group level

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OroMarketplace comes with enterprise features for reliability and scale

To start and grow a successful B2B online marketplace, you need a marketplace platform with the right set of marketplace website features.

However, the complexity of today’s business requirements mean that no two marketplace implementations are the same. After going over your needs, requirements, and compiling an ideal eCommerce marketplace features list, it’s time to think about how to bring your marketplace plans to reality.

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OroMarketplace is your marketplace digital transformation partner

A marketplace journey can seem challenging, but with Oro you are not just getting a piece of software, you are getting a business partner. We will work with you on your MVP (minimum viable product) and will be by your side for any further improvements.

We understand there’s no one size fits all approach for marketplaces. For a future-proof strategy, we designed OroMarketplace to be flexible, deploy on-premise, on any private, public, or hybrid cloud, or on our own OroCloud, supporting various cloud infrastructure models and services.

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