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Gartner 2022 Market Guide for Marketplace Operation Applications

Discover how OroMarketplace stacks up against other marketplace operation applications in the industry
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What’s New for Marketplaces in 2022?

  • The largest area of growth in 2020 and 2021 was in B2B enterprise marketplaces.
  • Enterprise marketplaces saw significant attention for their ability to mitigate post-pandemic disruption.
  • Some B2C organizations with large seller networks also embraced enterprise marketplaces.
  • Drop-ship vendors adopted enterprise marketplaces by leveraging their drop-shipping solutions.

Oro Recognized for Standout Marketplace Capabilities

Comprehensive Digital

Designed for B2B

OroMarketplace is part of a suite of B2B products including a B2B eCommerce platform, a B2B CRM, and an application development solution for enterprise applications.

Robust Workflows

Flexible workflows

A flexible workflow engine enables OroMarketplace users to design their own pricing, approval, ordering, or checkout flows. It also streamlines seller onboarding and notifications.

Seller Management

Built-in CRM

Customer relationships are central to any marketplace business. A fully integrated CRM makes OroMarketplace a hub for sales enablement, segmentation, marketing, and customer support.


Customers in all industries

OroMarketplace serves customers in all industries and business models. These include B2B marketplaces in government, distribution, retail, or enterprise marketplaces.

Companies Leveraging Oro’s Marketplace Capabilities

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Why Gartner's Guide Matters

Gartner, the world’s premier independent research firm, published the second annual Market Guide for Marketplace Operation Applications to assist technology leaders to navigate the rapidly changing marketplace management market.

The report identifies a handful of Representative Vendors based on their functionality and ability to facilitate the setup, operation, and maintenance of marketplaces. Only vendors that demonstrate native marketplace functionality, flexibility to adapt to unique customer needs, and strong support during and after implementation were included.

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