The Rapid Application Development
Platform for Web Applications

What is OroPlatform

OroPlatform is an open-source platform made for rapid application development (RAD). Built using PHP – the popular Symfony framework – OroPlatform gives developers and businesses a jump-start for building responsive web applications that solve specific business problems.
It doesn’t matter if you need a PIM, CRM, ERP, order management software, or helpdesk system, the sky’s the limit. Start building enterprise web applications on top of our open-source platform for cost-effective and timely application development.

rapid app development platform

Get Rich, Pre-built Components

Minimize coding efforts and build your application at a fraction of the cost. Developers get key technology components that are pre-built, out-of-the-box, and ready-to-use.

rapid application development platform

Rapid Application Development

Don’t start from scratch. Get the benefits of a low-code development platform and speed-up time-to-market for your web applications.

rad platform

Flexible, Extendible, and Easy-to-Use

Built on Symfony - the high-performance PHP framework - our open-source platform gives developers a full tech-stack for building responsive web applications.


Who uses OroPlatform

The platform is made for developers and businesses including small companies and large enterprises alike.

Developers are set up for success as they get:

  • A flexible and robust feature set for rapid application development
  • Ultimate scalability and agility with our proven technology stack
  • Access to a vibrant ecosystem with Oro community support
  • Robust, automated test suites like unit, integration, and behat tests

Businesses get a quality application platform for:

  • Solving unique and custom business problems
  • Creating value-add customer experiences
  • Integrating into any third-party software
  • Reaching new audiences and markets

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How OroPlatform is Different

OroPlatform gives a comprehensive set of pre-built components that are commonly used in enterprise web applications. It offers a solid foundation with components such as:

  • Extendable entities
  • Customizable workflows
  • Access Control Lists (ACL)
  • MessageQueue support
  • Security issues monitoring
  • Reporting and segmentation tools
  • ElasticSearch and indexing capabilities
  • Configurable administration

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