Get From Idea
to App Faster

With Oro's Rapid Application Development
Platform for Web Applications

Create Powerful Tools With a RAD Platform Designed Around Your Brand and Audience

Bring your idea from conception to reality with OroPlatform, an open-source RAD or rapid application development platform.

Whether you need a PIM, CRM, ERP, order management software, or a helpdesk system, OroPlatform lets you build powerful, seamless, and secure applications for any business need.

Based on PHP and the popular Symfony framework, OroPlatform gives developers and businesses a solid base for creating responsive web applications that solve specific business problems.

Start building enterprise web applications in no time on top of a robust, open-source RAD platform for cost-effective and timely application development.


Utilize Rich, Pre-built Components

Minimize coding efforts and build your application at a fraction of the cost. Offer developers pre-built components out-of-the-box and help them create apps quickly and easily.


Faster Application Development

Make life truly easy for developers. Leverage full benefits of a low-code development platform, speed-up time-to-market, and get your web applications out in the shortest time possible.


Flexible, Extendable, and Easy-to-use

Built on Symfony, the high-performance and open-source PHP framework, OroPlatform gives developers a full spectrum of tools for building web and responsive mobile applications.

Who Uses OroPlatform?

Developers reap the following benefits of a RAD platform:

  • A flexible and robust feature set for accelerated deployment
  • Ultimate scalability and agility with a proven technology stack
  • Access to a vibrant ecosystem with Oro community support

Businesses use rapid application development tools for:

  • Solving unique and custom business problems
  • Creating value-add customer experiences
  • Integrating into any third-party software
  • Reaching new audiences and markets

OroPlatform Powers Leading Applications

Turn your ideas into powerful applications with a robust, flexible, and scalable RAD platform.

Brands in various industries use OroPlatform to power their applications:


OroCommerce is the #1 open-source B2B eCommerce software built for distributors, manufacturers, wholesalers, and suppliers. It supports complex workflows and business models such as B2B2C, D2C, B2B marketplaces, and more.

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OroCRM is a fully customizable, open- source CRM for mid-to-large businesses and enterprises. Perfect marketing strategies, grow conversions, and offer exceptional experiences to customers across all lifecycle stages.

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Transform Your Business with Powerful Solutions

OroPlatform comes with a comprehensive set of pre-built elements that are commonly used in enterprise web applications.

Learn more about these components and their functions here
Extendable entities

Create your own or build upon existing entities such as user accounts, contacts, and customers.

Customizable workflows

Build or set up digital processes to automate back-end operations and streamline customer experiences.

Access Control Lists (ACL)

Support complex, multi-level organizational hierarchies and limit certain data to the right individuals.

Message queue support

Streamline back-end operations, reduce bottlenecks, and boost growth with MessageQueue technology.


Utilize OroPlatform’s extensive and robust REST API to integrate applications and streamline operations.

Reporting and Segmentation Tools

Deliver quick, accurate business intelligence or marketing insights with powerful reporting tools.

Security issues monitoring

Keep track of data movement with a data audit log. Know who performed changes and when.

Configurable administration

Manage data easily with import and export functions plus the support of various file formats.

The customizability and out-of-the-box components found in OroPlatform helped save precious time and resources when developing our business application.

Falco van der Maden

Owner and General Manager