Use Our Pre-Built Technology Components

Get a jump start on building your custom web application with OroPlatform

Robust UI Controls

Configure the user interface and control what information is displayed on your application.

Reporting and Segmentation Tools

Create reports and segments on any entity for business intelligence or targeted marketing campaigns.

Data Audit Log

Leverage our data audit log and capture all actions performed in the system. Identify what changes have been made when and by which user.

Workflows Engine

Build and configure any digital process to better manage back-end operations and improve user experience.

Access Control Lists (ACL)

Get support for multi-level organizational hierarchies and ensure users only get access to relevant data.


Leverage MessageQueue technology which significantly helps scale back-end operations.


Get an enterprise level search engine and indexing capabilities for faster in-application search.

Data Import/Export

Easily import and export data in multiple file formats such as .xls, .csv, and more.


Leverage OroPlatform’s robust REST API and allow access to any system entity. Perform all functions like GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, and more through our standard JSON API.

Extendable entities

Create new custom entities or extend existing entities such as accounts, contacts, and customers all from the User Interface.

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