View List of Scheduled Tasks in UI

Oro applications provide admin UI page for admin users that allows see all scheduled cron commands.

The admin UI located on the System -> Scheduled Tasks menu item. On the page, you can see the list of scheduled commands with their names and schedule definition strings, and the filters that allow to search the needed command in the list.

Scheduled Tasks UI page

Cron Commands in OroPlatform

OroPlatform has a number of commands that run through oro:cron:

  • Every 30 minutes, the EmailSyncCommand (which is part of ImapBundle) loads new emails from an IMAP server and synchronizes them with the local database (you can find more information about the synchronization process in the dedicated section of the ImapBundle documentation).
  • Reminder messages can be created by the ReminderBundle. If they should be delivered as emails to users, they will be added to the mail queue which is then flushed periodically (every minute) by the SendRemindersCommand.
  • Once per hour, tracking log entries are synchronized from log files in the file system into the database when the ImportLogsCommand from the TrackingBundle is executed.
  • The oro:cron:integration:sync command runs integration jobs configured through the IntegrationBundle every five minutes.

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