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What is Layout

A layout defines the visual structure of the user interface element, such as a page or a widget. In other words, a layout is a recursive system that knows how an element should be positioned and drawn.

Content of any page of an application is usually separated by a set of blocks grouped by content or structure.

Have a look at the following page structure:

Page layout structure example

Here, we are splitting the page into the following blocks hierarchy:

  • root
    • header
    • body
      • sidebar
      • main content
    • footer

Each of these blocks has children in the final structure, so they represent a container.

  • A Container is a block type responsible for holding and rendering its children.
  • A Final block is a block type that renders content based on data, but it cannot have children.

Each block has a type class that is responsible for passing options and data into view, and building the inner structure of the block into containers.

The layout should be built by providing a set of actions called a layot update. Layout updates can be defined for a specific route and a specific theme.

Block Types

The following are the block types to build HTML layout structure:

Type name Default HTML output
root <html>
head <head>
title <title>
meta <meta>
style <style> with content or <link> with external resource
script <script>
external_resource <link>
body <body>
form_start <form>
form_end </form>
form Creates three child blocks: form_start, form_fields, form_end
form_fields Adds form fields based on the Symfony form
form_field Block will be rendered differently depending on the field type of the Symfony form
fieldset <fieldset>
link <a>
list <ul>
ordered_list <ol>
list_item <li>, this block type can be used if you want to control rendering of the li tag and its attributes
text Text node
input Input node
button <button> or <input type=”submit/reset/button”>
button_group No HTML output. It is used for logical grouping of buttons. You can define how to render the button group in your application

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