Setup and Configuration

In order to prepare the Message Queue functionality to work in Oro applications, three steps are required:

  1. Setup the message queue broker
  2. Configure the message queue-related application configuration settings
  3. Setup and run the consumer

Depending on the chosen Message Queue broker and the requirements for Message Queue performance, scenarios for each of the three steps can vary.

For simple cases, when you choose the built-in DBAL broker and only one consumer process to be run (e.g., for the development purpose), it is enough to take the following 2 steps:

1. Configure application settings. As the DBAL broker is built-in in the every Oro application, there is no need to install it independently in the first step:

# config/config.yml

        default: '%message_queue_transport%'
        '%message_queue_transport%': '%message_queue_transport_config%'
    client: ~
# config/parameters.yml

message_queue_transport: DBAL
message_queue_transport_config: ~
  1. Run the consumer as a background process. Type the following command into the console:

    ./bin/console oro:message-queue:consume

For complex cases (e.g., for the RabbitMQ broker, and/or production mode of the application), please see the detailed description of setup steps in the topics below:

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