Reinstallation of the OroPlatform

To reinstall OroPlatform:

  1. Drop the database that was used for the previous installation attempt.
  2. Create a new database for new OroPlatform installation.
  3. Empty the <installation directory>/var/cache/prod and <installation directory>/var/cache/session directories.
  4. Clear the Installed option in the config/parameters.yml file and update the database name, if necessary.
  5. Launch the OroPlatform installation via console in a silent mode with the –force option provided.


The installation process terminates with a warning if the environment does not meet the system requirements. Fix the reported issue(s) and launch the installation again.

If any problem occurs, you can see the details in var/logs/oro_install.log file.


Normally, the installation process is terminated if it detects an already-existing installation. Use the “–force” option to overwrite an existing installation, e.g. during your development process.

…. hint:: After the installation finished remember to run php bin/console oro:api:doc:cache:clear to warm-up the API documentation cache. This process may take several minutes.

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