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OroPlatform 1.2

Ability to delete Channels

Channels and their related data can now be deleted even after they have been synced with OroCRM. (Previously only unsynced channels that contained no data were available for deletion.) Please note that the data is not removed immediately – the operation is performed by a background process that might take some time, especially if you have a lot of data to delete. Also, only data that is directly related to the channel is removed – i.e., while a Customer record is deleted, its associated Contact and Account will remain in the system.

Workflow view

We added a workflow view page to the workflow management UI.

Reset of Workflow data

This feature resolves a conflict of the "old" and "new" workflow data that might happen when you change the active workflow of some entity but already have some records of this entity in the middle of the "old" workflow. Previously, they got stuck in the old flow forever, and it was impossible to launch the new workflow for them or to continue with the old flow. Now, the workflow data is reset for all records when you activate the new flow; and if you already have other started workflow, you will be able to manually reset the workflow data for each entity record. Please note that data reset is immediate – the operation is performed in real time, so that might take some time, especially if you have a lot of records to reset.

Line charts in Reports

OroCRM reports now offer table reports and line chart that is plotted based on the report data. This is just the first step of this feature, and in future releases bar and pie charts will also be added. To add a chart to the report, simply choose the desired chart type in the new Chart Designer section of the Report builder tool, and then specify, which column of the report will serve as category set (X axis), and which will form the set of values (Y axis). The chart will be placed on top of the report.