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OroPlatform 1.7

New page layouts and layout themes.

We have started to implement new layout configuration that allows for greater extendability of application pages. The entire layout definition will now exist in a single .yml file, that might be easily accessed and manipulated by various application bundles. So far only Embedded Forms were implemented using the new layouts, but we expect to complete transition in future releases.

Google single sign-on.

Organizations may connect their Google Apps accounts to OroCRM instances so their users will be able to log into OroCRM using Google account credentials. In order to enable Google SSO an admin should turn it on in System configuration and then provide Client ID, Secret, and list of supported domains.

Change or reset users’ passwords.

System administrators now may change or reset password of any user with the button on a view user page. When the password is changed or reset, the user receives a notification email, with new password in the former case or with the link to new password entry page in the latter. After the password has been reset, the user will still be able to log in using old credentials, but he will be redirected to new password entry page. Password management is subject to standard ACL permissions.

Grid views.

It is now possible to save a set of filters and sorting applied to the grid in a named view. By default, all grids have "All" view that contains all records available to you. To save a view, apply the filters you want and then click on Options link next to grid view name, select Save As and type in the name of the view. The view will be available in the dropdown next to the grid title.

Dashboard widget configuration.

Dashboard widgets may now contain user-accessible configurations and settings, allowing for greater customization and more direct user control over their contents and display. The most prominent and ubiquitous example of such settings will be display period of all chart-type widgets.

Email auto-response in workflow definition.

Developers are now able to define an automatic email response in the workflow and use email templates for it. Think of the following use case: create an automated first-line response for all customer inquiries that says "We have received your request and will start working on it soon."

Other minor changes.

  • Translation migration between versions has been improved.
  • Improved date & time picker control.
  • An alert will be shown to the user if he has unsaved changes on the form and tries to navigate away from it.
  • Three-dot menu icon has been changed and the menu itself is reconnected with the Pintab.
  • Grid headers may now be locked for scrolling.
  • Overall scrolling experience has been improved on mobile (touch) devices.

Known issues.

Lifetime Sales value is not yet available for filtering in reports & segments. It is possible, however, to use it in report columns.