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OroPlatform 1.8

Visual workflow configurator.

Workflow Configurator now has a drag-and-drop interactive option. This option helps to visualize the flow, making it easier to design and manage complex workflows. List of its capabilities:

  • Visual representation of all existing workflows with zoom functionality that allows to get different overviews of a workflow.
  • Hide transition labels to increase legibility of the workflow and concentrate on the flow itself.
  • In Edit mode the tool becomes interactive: You may click on steps and transitions to edit, clone, or delete them. Also, simply drag steps and transitions over the chart to reorganize them or draw a new transition between the steps you want.
  • The editor includes auto-sorting algorithm that reorganizes steps and transitions in the workflow for maximum readability that also follows the logic of the flow taking into account positions of the steps within the workflow.
  • Undo and redo your actions to easily correct mistakes. The old table configurator is still available and maintains the same functionality as before.

New and extended APIs to work with emails.

A couple of new APIs have been added to the system to support interaction with emails. These APIs make possible to:

  • Manage emails
  • Manage email associations (contexts) in OroCRM
  • Create Leads, Opportunities, and Cases based on email data in OroCRM

Segmentation based on Data audit. A new class of filtering queries has been added to the system, allowing to segment out:

  • Records whose fields have been changed within a specific timeframe — e.g. list all Contacts who had email changed in the past year
  • Records whose fields have been changed to a specific value within a specific timeframe — e.g. list all Leads that have been qualified in the past month.

Improvements to search.

  • Custom fields and entities are now included into search.
  • Brackets are now supported in search queries.
  • ACL is now applied to search results so the users are only getting results they have access to

Other minor changes.

  • Improved filtering on option set attributes, allowing for multiple selections.
  • The application has been upgraded to Symfony 2.7 and migrated to Doctrine 2.5
  • Select2 component has been improved to automatically initializes select2 widget.
  • Documentation for the new Oro Layout component has been added with examples of use.