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OroPlatform 2.2

New features – OroPlatform

The most prominent changes in this release are improved translation and localization management and workflow capabilities. We also focused heavily on overall quality and performance of other features.

Workflow capabilities

Operation action may not refresh page or grid

A parameter has been added to operations in order to allow workflow actions to proceed without causing page or grid to refresh.

Activated workflow can no longer be edited

Improved performance of WorkflowItemListener

These improvements save up to 35% of execution time of jobs like IMAP sync and similar.

Import configuration of another workflow

A configuration of already existing workflow can be imported to a new workflow during development.

Render transition form with layouts

Transition form can now be rendered with layouts, so it preserves custom styles and other customizations when displayed at frontend.

Localizations and translations

Reset translation to default value

Administrators may now easily reset translations to original values with a grid action.

Workflow buttons are now translatable

Developers may now mark workflow buttons as translatable in workflow configuration. This will allow administrators to edit button translations in the workflow management UI.

Option to install Crowdin translations during installation

New --load-crowdin command allows to install crowdin translation for indicated locale if it’s available.

Other fixes and improvements

Entity management

Unidirectional relations with non-extendable inversed side can now be created via UI


Memory based cache decorator for application for better cache performance

CommonJS format is now supported in requirejsExposure

New complex index by object_id, object_class, type at DataAudit table for better performance