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OroPlatform 2.4

New features – OroPlatform

Release 2.4 of OroPlatform brings search to configuration UI, logging of MessageQueue jobs, and multiple improvements to our REST API, workflows, and other core platform functionality.

System configuration search

You can now search for a setting in the system configuration or other configuration trees (organization, user, website). You can search by the option group names, option labels, and descriptions (hints).

Message queue logging

Logs from MQ processors are now written in console, in a separate stream with separate verbosity controls. This allows developers to access jobs logs independently from application logs for easier debugging


  • API validations were moved from processors to form builder
  • Property Accessor handling of collections has been changed so the input is merged with existing data instead of replacing it
  • Parameters added to API resources will now appear in documentation and sandbox
  • API key generator now produces more cryptographically secure keys


  • Workflows and workflow nodes that contain actions or conditions can no longer be cloned or edited from the UI.
  • Processing speed of changes made to actions and operations (warmup of application.yml) has been * greatly improved so they appear quicker in the application UI
  • Organization and owner fields are now optional for POST requests.

    Other changes and improvements

  • Main action button in warning popups is now red instead of blue
  • ElasticSearch reindexing has been sped up to 95%, with similar improvements to index size
  • Asset improvements were moved from LayoutBundle to AsseticBundle
  • Inverse side of extended associations may now include cascade option

    Known issues

  • Record pagination does not work