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OroPlatform 2.5

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New features – OroPlatform

  • Release 2.5 of OroPlatform brings numerous improvements to MessageQueue jobs and our REST API.

    Message queue

  • MQ message processing is now isolated, meaning it is not affected by state of services and data cache that was initialized during other messages processing.
  • As a consequence, AmqpMessageProducer::send method is now aware of isolation level while publishing messages—a message may be published only if the database transaction related to this message was committed.
  • Priority of export processing has been decreased to prevent it from blocking other background tasks.
  • New “time before stale” parameter sets the limit on permitted inactivity period for a job. After this time a job is considered stale and is marked with new Job::STATUS_STALE status, so it can be aborted.
  • A warning is displayed to the user if no consumers are running, allowing them to identify the problem and alarm the system administrator.


  • The API now supports alternative syntax for filtering operators: filter[field][eq]=value yields the same results as filter[field]=value. The following operators are supported: eq, neq, lt, lte, gt, gte.
  • Records can now be filtered by range. Use the following syntax: GET /entity?filter[date]=YYYY-MM-DD..YYYY-MM-DD.


  • Datagrids now support monetary values represented by integers to allow proper handling of non-fractional currencies, e.g. Japanese Yen. Many thanks to René Nitzsche (@digedag) and Samuel Denis-D’Ortun (@sadortun) for contributing this improvement!

    Other changes and improvements

  • Oro configuration cache warmups were moved to cache clearers\warmers to improve performance of initial functional test run
  • Internal cached tree was removed from AbstractOwnerTreeProvider to improve internal caching of consumers