Release Notes

The Open-Source OroCRM for Commerce and the OroPlatform

OroPlatform 1.0.0-alpha4

The Symfony framework was upgraded to version 2.3

Entity and Entity’s Field Management

Added ability to configure metadata for existing entities. It is now possible to extend existing entities with custom fields. To enable configuration of entity you should add annotation @Extend to entity class. In default installation configuration is enabled for user groups entity. Metadata for entity and custom entity field is configurable. To apply changes to DB you should update your schema. Note: This feature is not fully integrated into the system and working with entities will not impact system behavior (i.e. menus, forms will not be affected by changes)

Multiple Organizations and Business Units

Added feature with the ability to configure and manage Organizations in the system. In a default installation a ‘default’ organization is included. Added feature with the ability to manage business units and assign users to different business units in the system.

Transactional Emails

Added ability for a developer to define custom events for entities and ability for user to configure emailing when one of these events occurs. To do this user should create notification rule and configure it with entity, event, email template, recipients etc.

Email Templates

Added ability to create custom email templates for different languages.

Tags Management

Added ability to add tags to entities and search by tags.

Translations JS files

Added a simple way to translate messages inside JS code.

Pin tab experience update

When a user pins a page the state of the page will be saved. If the page content or state changes the next time the user views this pin tab they will see a notification with the option to refresh the page.

Redesigned Page Header

The header was redesigned to reduce the height and allow more space for the page content. Menu changed to dropdown menu style and breadcrumbs were added to reflect a pages position in the menu. Pin bar was positioned at the top of the page.

Optimized load time of JS resources

To reduce the page load time in development mode we added the ability for a developer to define groups of JS files which will be merged in to one file during rendering. For development purposes files can also be excluded from a group. Removed dev_js application mode.

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