Release Notes

The Open-Source OroCRM for Commerce and the OroPlatform

OroPlatform 1.0.0-alpha5

Custom entity creation

Added feature with ability for user to create custom entities. Also added ability for bundles to define and modify existing entities.
Note: this feature is not fully integrated into the system and adding new entities or fields will not impact system behavior (i.e. forms, grids will not be affected by changes, will not be added CRUD for new entity copies).

Cron Job

Implemented feature with the ability to run tasks at a given time or with a given period. The scope of this implementation added console command that will execute scheduled tasks and added ability for developers to setup tasks for it.
This command will be executed by cron job and check schedule of tasks, then run all appropriate tasks that need to run as per their schedule. This feature supports logging activity of tasks. Task queue you can be found on newly added page System -> Cron.

Record ownership

Added ability to assign an owner of an entity. Each entity can have ownership based on types: organization, business unit, user, none or global. Ownership type is defined in entity configuration. For some system entities ownership type will never changes and can be defined in annotation.
On entity edit/create form added required field, where user can set owner according to ownership type, if this is permitted by ACL.

Grid Improvements

added improvement for Grid, that allows it to work with SQL aggregation functions;
added possibility to remove pagination and actions panel;
action panel is not rendered when grid is empty;
added ability to hide row actions that are not available;
added Grid Mass Actions. Developers have the ability to add mass actions with different behavior options: that will perform some action immediately, that will process selected items (for example, change several properties of an entity), this can be implemented in two ways: on different page or in popup. Support of both of this options was also implemented.

Filter Improvements

default filter operation is displayed;
added "Starts with" and "Ends with" operations for string filter;
added two options for date filter to give user the ability to explicitly set from-to filters.

Email Template Improvements

added possibility to preview email templates during edit or create;
added ability to use variables defined in entity’s configuration inside email templates.

Implemented extractor for messages in PHP code.

Removed dependency on SonataAdminBundle

Added possibility to unpin page using pin icon.

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