Release Notes

The Open-Source OroCRM for Commerce and the OroPlatform

OroPlatform 1.0.0-beta1


Added step-by-step installation wizard.

New ACL implementation

Implemented a new ACL which will increase system performance for ACL checks. A new matrix UI was added to easily manage permissions.

Emails synchronization via IMAP

Added the possibility to synchronize emails with all email services that support IMAP. User should add credentials to allow access to email service. After emails are synchronized, all emails that mention the user’s email in the ‘from’, ‘to’ or ‘cc’ (‘bcc’ is not supported for now) will be listed on the user view page. Also added to Contact view page a list of emails where a user can find all correspondence where one of the contact’s email addresses is mentioned in ‘to’ or ‘cc’.
Synchronization process can be performed by cron every 30 minutes, or using Symfony console command oro:cron:imap-sync.

Custom entities and custom fields

Custom fields can be added to entities marked as extended. This ability was added to the Contact, Leads and Opportunity entities as an example. These fields are added on edit/create form, view page and grid (according to configuration).
Custom entities management appears in System -> Entities -> … sub-menu, after creating and applying schema.

Managing relations between entities

Added ability to create custom fields for extended (or custom) entities that will introduce many-to-one relation with another entity. To add it a user should define target entity and field. After saving a relation between the two entities will be created on DB level. We will add on the edit form an auto-complete field to choose an entity, the search will be performed on target field.

Grid views

Added ability for developers to define a set of filters and sorters for a grid. On grids that have different views available a select with the predefined grid views will be available to a user. As an example you can see it in System -> Emails -> Templates grid.

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