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The Open-Source OroCRM for Commerce and the OroPlatform

OroPlatform 1.0.0-rc2

Translations management

These features complement each other: they provide ability to prepare and upload packages of messages that shall be translated to service, and then download translated packages back to the platform.
Packages contain .yml files grouped by bundles, and, in case of translated packages, by languages
This feature provides UI for language settings, available under System → Configuration → Language settings menu. It allows to see the available translations and progress of the translation (percentage of translated messages across all projects). Translations can be downloaded; for downloaded translations the status is also shown – translation is "Up to date" when no changes have been made in crowdin since the last download, or "Needs update" if such changes has been made. In the latter case the Update action is also available.
Downloaded translations can be enabled or disabled, and enabled translations can be used to set the Default language of the system and as a supported language for email templates. After the system language is changed, user should run clear:cache command for changes to apply.
Please note that in some rare cases PCRE that is used to process translation messages may fail on Windows servers

Improved Reports

Segmentation Builder

The idea of this feature is to provide improved UI for conditions builder that includes drag-and-drop, extended condition expressions, and grouping of conditions

Tree for choice field for report creation wizard

This feature improves the UI for the field choice control in both Column selector and Condition selector of the Report editing page. The control now shows fields grouped under the entity name, and this group can be either folded or unfolded by clicking the entity name. This grouping is also preserved in display of search results.

CSV export for grids and reports

This feature allows to export (default) report data in CSV format

Add Totals for Grids

Totals row has been added to default reports. This row shows total value for all numerical columns on the page; the value shown is total for visible rows only, not for the entire report.

Add Money and Percent formatting for static reports

Values in money and percent columns (like Budget amount and Probability for Opportunities) are now properly formatted: instead of 1,234.00 and 0.5 the reports will now display $1,234.00 and 50%, respectively

Apply FontAwesome web-application icons to our entity icon field

Known issues

Extended entity fields are duplicated after the reinstall of an existing instance. Duplicate fields can be viewed in Entity Configuration screen.
Doesn’t work ability to create custom relations for entities. These field types were temporary removed from entities management

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