Release Notes

The Open-Source OroCRM for Commerce and the OroPlatform

OroPlatform 1.10.6

List of fixes and improvements

  • Disabled dynamic Web Tracking by the default
  • Added possibility to clear email attachments for 1.9 version of the OroPlatform
  • Added JMS Job Queue Errors logging via monolog
  • Added "Except" filtering query for option set fields in data views
  • Fixed update Client Secret in IMAP OAuth configuration
  • Fixed broken inline editing for ‘relation’ and ‘multi-relation’
  • Fixed the email folder is disabled on some temporary issues with IMAP connection
  • Fixed PHP segfault during authorization with Opcache
  • Fixed parse time string with extra spaces during email sync
  • Fixed impossible to Save as default Grid View
  • Fixed XSS vulnerability in the enum grid column
  • Fixed Email XSS vulnerabilities
  • Fixed General templates are not available for Maintenance Notifications
  • Fixed error while syncing emails with emoji (UTF8mb4)
  • Fixed UI dropdowns issues in inline editing
  • Fixed untranslated jsmessages when using not "en" locale parameter
  • Fixed Magento Import does not work with minimal 512Mb required memory
  • Fixed search result is’not cleared in Add Widget if use IE control
  • Fixed Extend field creation. Added missing validation on Storage Type

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