Release Notes

The Open-Source OroCRM for Commerce and the OroPlatform

OroPlatform 1.9.1

List of improvements and fixed bugs:

  • Updated packagist repository to secured URL
  • Added possibility for creating entity through context property path
  • Added polyfills for Math functions
  • Added console command to set application url
  • Added ability to import Tags from CSV
  • Refactored email API Search query
  • Fixed deletion of 100k emails
  • Fixed performance of User view page
  • Fixed button Add Context on the email view page
  • Fixed contains operator for search in case PostgreSQL
  • Fixed calendar notifications email templates
  • Fixed User email templates
  • Fixed inline select2 editor opens only one time in Firefox
  • Fixed uniqueness of the Grid View name is verified globally
  • Fixed Javascript error when trying to edit autoresponse rule for system mailbox
  • Fixed checkboxes with short grids
  • Restored table row selected color
  • Fixed Impossible to add Gmail account to user
  • Fixed filter when French locale is used
  • Fixed email Invitation doesn’t use value from Application URL configuration setting
  • Fixed ManyToOne relation from Contact entity to Country…
  • Fixed JSON type is supported starting PostgreSQL 9.2

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