Release Notes

The Open-Source OroCRM for Commerce and the OroPlatform

OroPlatform 1.9.4

List of improvements and fixes:

  • Unexpected escaping of twig variables in Email Templates
  • Impossible to use Country ISO fields for Reports
  • Text-filter should work in Edge
  • User view page loaded more than 30 seconds on large data
  • Entity pagination not displayed after a selecting a record from grid
  • Filter by Source in Leads is not working correctly
  • Implement select2 controls on the editing Role page
  • Big entity thru datagrid generates fatal error
  • Exception is occurred during upgrade from old version
  • Impossible send email from entity
  • Detach dropdown to parent dialog instead body and dont use disposed element
  • Use camelCase logic for extended fields
  • Refactor My Emails grid to be usable with several thousands and more emails
  • Apply default filters from config
  • Deleted fields are available in Reports&Segments
  • Fix problem with nested entity validation
  • Wsse headers can be used twice
  • Fix problem with IMAP sync for messages with subject longer than 500 symbols
  • Impossible to add link into email signature
  • List of BU doesn’t displayed according ACL on the freshly added Forecast widget
  • Lost data during import from CSV
  • Conflict in *ToMany relations
  • Duplicated entities’ labels in Entity Manager
  • Cannot configure any widgets on dashboard if the system language is French

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