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OroCRM partner Paypal

PayPal – Oro Inc. Technology Partner in North America

The Biggest Name in Payments Meets the Most Flexible eCommerce Platform

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Most Flexible eCommerce Platform

Go Global with Our Flexible Open-Source Platform

OroCommerce and one of the most trusted names in payments, PayPal make it easy to launch your B2B eCommerce store. Our out-of-the-box toolsets give your business the ability to customize your content and catalog, manage multiple brands, localize to international markets, and start securing orders 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Digitize Your Processes and Focus More on Sales

Our open source eCommerce platform digitizes everything from automating the quoting process to entering customer account information. All of this will help cut costs, increase employee productivity, and grow sales.

Digitize Your Processes

Gain Data Insights Into Sales & Marketing Operations

Gain a 360-degree view of your customers with insight into life time value, product purchases, products viewed, and source of purchase. Afterwards, use all of this data to build specific customer segments and better target marketing campaign.

Why is Agility so Important?

  • Develop, test, and launch new processes as competitors scribble on whiteboards.
  • Understand why customers like your products and rapidly detect dissatisfaction.
  • Stay ahead of customer expectations as demand and preferences change.
  • Remove data silos and improve data literacy at all levels of the organization.

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