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Oro Services – get the advice, support, and training you need

Oro Services offers a team of in-house experts that support enterprise customers with maintenance, upgrades, technical audits, as well as any other troubleshooting issues.

Code Audit

To perform a comprehensive audit of your Oro customizations or integrations, the Code Audit Package is designed for clients who would like to get independent audits performed by core developers of Oro.


Our team assists with upgrading your instance of Oro to the latest version so you can take advantage of new features and improvements, as well as security updates.

Full Implementation

To stay close to our customers and be on top of client needs, our team takes on a limited number of full scope implementation projects to help our clients launch their Oro implementations successfully.

Server Configuration Audit

To review server environment configuration and ensure it is configured according to best practices, the Server Configuration Package will help optimize environments for clients who choose to deploy on-premises over our SaaS environment.

Technical Account Manager (TAM)

Extend your technology team and allow them to learn best practices from an experienced Oro Architect.

Extension Development

Implement Oro extensions to expand your technology to Oro’s ever-growing community.

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