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B2B eCommerce Features

Enable online commerce for your B2B buyers in a way that lets you and your customers keep track of your inventory and stock availability. Our out-of-the-box B2B eCommerce solution reduces the complexity of your custom projects with its standout features.

Corporate Account Management

Take control of corporate accounts across B2B businesses with easy management between geographic locations and sub-departments.

Access Controls, Roles, & Permissions

Tailor the platform with controls over who can see what type of information. Build up roles for your users so that they can access what matters to them most while keeping data in safe hands.

Multiple Price Lists

Carefully manage multiple price-lists for business accounts with an unlimited number of price points, including pricing tiers and international currencies.

Multiple Shopping Lists

Allow your corporate buyers to work on multiple projects at once with multiple shopping lists that can be saved for future use for quick purchases of recently saved products.

Personalised B2B Catalogue Management

Keep your product catalogues organised and personalised for specific groups, whether it be companies, business units or individual buyers.

Multiple Organisations, Websites & Stores

Looking to go multinational or manage multiple organisations? OroCommerce offers robust multi-website management capabilities to allow you to easily control multiple web stores from one central admin console.

Content Management System

Easily manage digital media and rich product information pages with native CMS capabilities. Online buyers will have everything they need to make a purchase, and therefore increase your chance of making sales.

Segmentation & Custom Reports

Our eCommerce solution offers an extensive dashboard and reporting engine to provide you with actionable insights to help you track your business KPIs. Gain a better understanding of your customer purchasing patterns and build targeted marketing lists.

Flexible Workflow Engine

Create an unlimited number of custom workflows to support both buyer and merchant-related processes. The flexible workflow engine allows sellers to customise customer-facing workflows, like the checkout experience or order submission process, in addition to back-end processes, like sales follow-ups or order fulfillment logistics.

Search Engine Optimisation

Optimise your eCommerce website for SEO to push your website up in Google Search result rankings, making it easier for your audience to find you. Optimise for URL slugs, meta-titles, meta-descriptions, meta-keywords, and much, much more.

Email Engine

Deliver emails to your audience with our built-in email engine, making it easier for you to stay in touch with those who matter to you most.

Inventory Management

Whether your business is on the smaller or larger scale, keep track of your inventory so you can have a clearer view of product availability in one or multiple warehouses. In addition, OroCommerce also provides flexibility in connecting with Enterprise Retail Planning (ERP) software, Warehouse Management Systems, and Product Information Management (PIM) tools.

Promotions Management

Looking to incorporate discounts and promotions within your eCommerce strategy? OroCommerce takes your promotions one step further with scheduled discounts, one-time promotional coupons, ongoing deals, line item discounts and Buy X / Get Y deals.

Tax Management

Make business easy with OroCommerce’s third party tax systems, allowing you to set up tax rules for customers, customer groups, products or product categories.

Quotes & Orders

Digitise buyer-seller interactions and enable your buyers to make smooth transactions through your website. Allow them to access tailored quotes and place online purchase orders on your website.

Customer Relationship Management

Access a full suite of multi-channel CRM while gaining a 360-degree view of your buyers across marketing, sales and customer support interactions.

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