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2022 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Digital Commerce Platforms
Oro Recognised for B2B Digital Commerce Use Case for Second Consecutive Year
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Built for Distributors, Wholesalers, Brands, and Manufacturers
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Oro Recognised in Forrester's 2021 Marketplace Development Platforms Report
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OroCommerce Named a Major Player in 2020 IDC MarketScape for B2B Digital Platforms

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Built with a comprehensive set of B2B eCommerce features, OroCommerce is an enterprise-grade B2B eCommerce platform tailored to any B2B commerce model in the UK.


Expand Your Business with a B2B Online Store

Everyone shops online nowadays. What was once predominantly the domain of B2C businesses is now firmly part of B2B life, too, with online transactions of every kind imaginable outstripping traditional ones at a rapidly spiralling pace. OroCommerce offers B2B eCommerce solutions that take your business to the next level and beyond with a tailored online store.

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Futureproof Your Business

By using OroCommerce, you will soon have a robust online and mobile presence that brings new opportunities by offering online ordering with multiple payment options to your customers. Those will ultimately enable your business to capture a much larger audience and ensure your company stays viable now and in the future.

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Automate Your Routine Processes

Automation is the future of B2B digital commerce. Our online eCommerce platform will allow you to digitise and automate many of your business activities ranging from marketing through to pricing and payment, all of which are ideal for headless commerce or traditional digital commerce.


eCommerce and CRM All-in-One

Streamline your sales process and better forecast projections in marketing and sales for your business with a platform combining eCommerce and CRM in one location to give you everything you need.


One B2B eCommerce Platform for Everything

OroCommerce addresses all B2B, B2C and B2X (B2B2B, B2B2C) models in a single and flexible platform which supports self-service websites and quote-to-order sites. You will be able to offer your customers flexible pricing and payment options, integrate with their systems, and automate many labour-intensive operations which will reduce costs and eliminate human errors.


Open Source Philosophy

We offer complete code transparency with a dedicated community of developers to provide you with greater product reliability and tested security advantages, whether you’re looking for a cloud or on-premise setup. Open-source code allows unlimited scope to customise the platform precisely to your specific needs.


From B2B Store to B2B Marketplace

Available for both business buyers and vendors, our multi-vendor marketplace enables you to grow from a B2B store to a B2B marketplace without disrupting your digital commerce operations.


Keep Your eCommerce and ERP in Sync

Connect into any integrated ERP system to coordinate your online store with your business operations. Digitise your supply chain with automated inventory management, order management, pricing calculations and shipping logistics.

B2B eCommerce Platform perfectly suited to
Midmarket and Enterprise Companies

Are you looking to upgrade your current B2B eCommerce business web store? Perhaps you’re searching for the best B2B eCommerce software solution to benefit your brand-new eCommerce business? Or maybe you run an established company that is now looking to capture its share of the ever-growing digital commerce market?

Either way, OroCommerce is a leading B2B eCommerce platform built specifically with mid-market and enterprise businesses in mind. It allows your business to create a truly personalised online buying experience for customers, wholesalers and distributors, and other business types.

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B2B eCommerce Features Ready to Go

OroCommerce platform has all the capabilities you will ever need to support your business buyers, thanks to plentiful out-of-the-box features designed specifically for B2B setups. OroCommerce platform can help you:

  • Capture your full share of the online market.
  • Efficiently manage corporate accounts.
  • Properly support the configure-price-quote processes.
  • Easily create custom workflows
  • Offer individualised pricing and display unique price books.
  • Provide your customers with multiple payment options giving them greater flexibility while automating payment collection, even from abroad.
  • Effectively manage your sales and marketing activities.

These features and many more mean your customers will have the best possible online experience, something that has been repeatedly proven to increase conversions and encourage repeat business.

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Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

At OroCommerce, we aim to make products that are as cost-effective as possible compared to other eCommerce platforms. Our simplified projects result in faster completion times and fewer development hours. You’ll quickly be able to take advantage of dedicated B2B eCommerce solutions that reduce your total cost of ownership while giving a fast return on your investment. 

What’s more, our B2B eCommerce platform scales with your business, so you won’t be forced to invest in features you won’t be using right now. That allows you to keep a much tighter grip on costs at all times, investing only when you really need to.

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Extensibility for Future Growth

As time moves on, your business will undoubtedly grow, and to keep up with rapidly changing market conditions, a robust but adaptable online presence is essential. To ensure you are fully prepared to deal with that growth and remain competitive in the modern world, you’ll be needing a fully featured B2B eCommerce solution.

The solutions for digital commerce offered by OroCommerce fully adapt to your future expansion thanks to robust API coverage, a customisation-ready platform and an expansive extensions marketplace. Your eCommerce platform will organically grow with your business well into the future.

The complete flexibility offered by OroCommerce brings you the most cost-effective way to quickly and easily future-proof your business with the ability to add extra functionality at the precise time your business needs it.

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Companies Digitally Transformed by OroCommerce B2B eCommerce Platform

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