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B2B eCommerce Platform Comparison

An Affordable Way of Reaching Your Market Faster

Take your business online and reach more businesses interested in your product or service. Unlike other B2B eCommerce platforms, OroCommerce provides a low price point with endless opportunities, including complete personalisation, management of multiple price lists and an out-of-the-box solution.

Leverage the power of a vibrant community of dedicated engineers for 24/7 support and guidance.


B2B eCommerce Platform Comparison*

HYBRIS Oracle / ATG WebSphere Magento
License cost $45k-$250k $200k + $200k – $1M $1M +
Compare OroCommerce to Magento Compare
Time to Market 4-6 months 7-9 months 12-48 months 9-12 months
Average Implementation Cost $250k $2M $1M – $6M $1M
Access to robust innovative community Yes No No No
Compare OroCommerce to Magento

B2B eCommerce Comparison of Features

Streamlined Buyer Process

Simplify the buying process with easy management of order forms, purchase orders, RFQs and much, much more.

Manage Corporate Accounts

For B2B prospects, easily manage corporate accounts, whether they have different teams, offices, departments, branches or are based in different locations

Customisable and Flexible Buyer Processes

A buyer and seller-related process tailored to suit you with a customised checkout experience and order submission process.

Customise Multiple Price Lists and Catalogues

Personalise and manage product catalogues and price lists to specific corporations, divisions, business units, or even individual customers.

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