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Azelis, the Leading Service Provider in the Specialty Chemicals Industry, is Investing in Digitisation

As the leading innovation service provider in the specialty chemicals and food ingredients industry, Azelis has vast experience and expertise in specialty chemicals and food ingredients. Founded in 2001, Azelis aims to positively impact the lives of people everywhere through innovative and sustainable solutions. The company strengthened its position in the market by enhancing its customer-oriented digital strategy as part of its ambition to become the world-leading provider of digital services and insights in the industry.
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The Challenge

Operating in a traditionally offline B2B industry, Azelis wanted to be the first to offer customers a dedicated B2B platform covering the entire buying journey. Furthermore, as younger customers enter the sector, Azelis wanted to focus on creating a B2C-like experience for all of their B2B customers.

For Azelis, the discovery phase of the sales cycle is the most intensive, and as such, they realised the need to adapt selling methods for a digital interface. With this in mind, they knew it needed a platform that could offer a vast range of services, including informational articles, formulation guides, product sample requests, technical information, and detailed catalogues as easy-to-download assets within the new platform.

Azelis also needed a solution that could service its global presence. Currently operating in 56 countries with customers speaking over 45 different languages, they needed a platform capable of catering to every one of its customer groups.

Azelis, therefore, chose OroCommerce for its extensive out-of-the-box B2B features and for its ability to convert into any local language and currency.

“Azelis is striving to be the digital benchmark in the speciality chemical and food ingredients industry, leveraging innovative digital solutions to serve our customers and suppliers better. We partnered with Oro and Smile to implement OroCommerce as the foundation of our customer experience portal due to the flexibility of the platform to meet our industry requirements, the robust feature set, and the ability to integrate easily into our existing environment.”
Matt Nancekivell

Matt Nancekivell

Digital Solutions Director at Azelis

The Solution

With the help of Smile, an OroCommerce implementation partner, Azelis was able to make its digital transformation goals a reality. Smile created an eCommerce store heavily focused on the discovery phase of the buying process to help educate customers before they make a purchase. A key part of this was ensuring all catalogues were available in digital format so that customers could download a copy instead of requesting a print version.

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OroCommerce helped Azelis to create a comprehensive B2B sales experience by offering customers a complete self-service shopping experience with the option to talk to a sales representative at any time. In fact, by providing all educational assets online, customers can now educate themselves before speaking to a representative, allowing the sales representative to walk their customer through the remainder of the buying process more efficiently.

So far, Azelis has had great success with both internal and external adoption of their new platform. Furthermore, OroCommerce helped expedite the sales cycle and assisted the sales team throughout the pandemic by enabling them to reach out to their customers remotely from home.

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