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Groupe Tini Launches Multi-Organisations and Multi-Websites on Distribution Brands

Groupe Tini is a family holding company in France, bringing together three companies with a combined workforce of over 400 employees. New to digital commerce, they selected their brand, BBA Emballages, to test out their digital transformation strategy.
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groupe tini selected orocommerce as their b2b ecommerce vendor

The Challenge

In March 2020, Group Tini decided to go digital following fast external growth through multiple company acquisitions. However, several of the acquired companies did not have an online presence and maintained a traditional offline sales team.

Group Tini’s goal for many of these acquired companies is to transition them online as far as possible while keeping the current sales team. To achieve this, they need an efficient solution to easily integrate the new entities, standardise their eCommerce business, and unify their processes.

Group Tini required something more than just a simple business website. They needed a product that could grow with the company and accommodate any future integrations and applications. Group Tini also needed a platform capable of helping manage their large team of sub-contractors. In the end, OroCommerce’s extensive B2B feature set required fewer customisations than competing platforms, which made it the perfect solution for Group Tini’s digital transformation.

groupe tini b2b ecommerce

The Solution

With OroCommerce, Group Tini successfully launched their BBA Emballages site within the expected launch time. OroCommerce’s native B2B features fit the project requirements perfectly. With OroCRM natively built into the product, Group Tini improved their customer management and response times, thus optimising their extensive customer network. With the micromanagement of smaller customers and comprehensive integration capabilities within OroCommerce, Group Tini can give more time to their sales team to cover larger customers that will, overall, provide higher value to their company.

With OroCommerce, Group Tini was able to implement the following features:

  • Single backend tied to multiple websites and multiple organisations
  • Tiered pricing for bulk items
  • A price calculation system that automatically displays pricing according to website price, customer price, and group price
  • Location-based inventory management that is updated in real-time and displays warehouse inventory and delivery ETAs based on the customer’s delivery address
  • Quick order forms and request for quotes features were implemented to help improve customer experience and increase buying efficiency

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