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Midwest Dental Implements Online Commerce with OroCommerce to Simplify the Purchasing Process for Customers

Midwest Dental Supply is a dental supply & equipment distribution company. Like most great startups, Midwest Dental began its distribution efforts in a residential garage to provide local dental professionals with a wider variety of products. Since that humble beginning, they've moved into a 36,000-square-foot office and warehouse facility, along with equipment showrooms in Arlington, Houston, Waco, and Oklahoma City.

Epicor P21
6 Month
Launch Time

The Challenge

 With a legacy software built for B2C businesses, Midwest found that they had to heavily customize their previous application to meet their business needs. Instead of having a platform that they could essentially “plug and go”, they found themselves deep in customization projects that took a long time to develop and implement. Unfortunately, the extensive add-ons led to a slow webstore that eventually ended in a major security hack into their payment gateway due to patch-work customizations.

Additionally, the customizations of the B2C platform for B2B needs led to:

  • a system that became slow and hard to manage
  • the inability to set up custom pricing
  • difficulties in setting up account management for multi-customer support

After reviewing multiple eCommerce solutions, Midwest decided that OroCommerce’s out-of-the-box B2B features made it the the best candidate to successfully implement online commerce for their business.

The Solution

To first address security concerns, OroCommerce secured Midway’s payments system through the OroCommerce application, which is PSD compliant to prevent security hacks. Both Midway and their customers now have peace of mind that they can run their business without interruption or data hacks.

OroCommerce’s native B2B features meant that Midwest could avoid heavy customizations and add-ons, resulting in a cost-effective implementation process that allowed for a faster time to market. OroCommerce provided important B2B commerce features like custom pricing, account management, and multi-customers right out-of-the-box at no additional cost for Midwest.

Using OroCommerce’s robust workflow capabilities, Midwest created multiple checkout workflows to add an approval process during checkout. For example, if an order exceeds budget permissions for certain users. If an order exceeds the user’s authority, the appropriate manager will receive a notice to approve the order. The checkout workflow also gives Midwest’s team (under the consent of the buyer) the ability to act on the customer’s behalf by having the ability to:

  • review and approve an order 
  • submit an order for approval 
  • notify the requester to submit an order 

Once approved and submitted, the order enters the normal workflow for processing and the sales rep is updated.

OroCommerce also developed a new barcode scanner capability to allow mobile devices to scan items using quick order forms directly through the OroCommerce application. This was a huge step towards automating the order process to helps their customers to save time in placing recurring orders.

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