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PBE Jobbers Warehouse Inc. Pioneers the Digitization of Auto Body Equipment and Tools Distribution

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PBE Jobbers Warehouse Inc. is an automotive paint body and equipment distributor serving wholesalers and jobbers since 1976. First founded in Madison, Wisconsin, with a commitment to provide the best experiences to their customers, PBE Jobbers has locations in Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Connecticut, Texas, and Florida.

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The Challenge

PBE Jobbers Warehouse Inc. built their first homegrown B2B website with a basic online catalogue and ordering capabilities back in 2010. The goal of the website was to offer a convenient online channel for customers to obtain product information and shop for products. Digitization empowered their business to scale and grow at a  faster and cost-efficient pace, through the automation of sales and backend workflows. 

PBE Jobbers Warehouse Inc. values their customers above all and their main business focus has always been impeccable customer service and  experience. They boast a 97% order fill rate and same day order shipment offering quicker turn-around time for a product mix to satisfy their customer’s needs. Their legacy platform hampered their ability to grow, and  would not allow them to scale without compromising on the quality of their customer experience. 

The main challenges PBE Jobbers needed to solve included:

  • Increasing their sales through better visibility into customer behavior on the website
  • Solving customer experience issues through improved mobile experience and faster purchase process
  • Streamlining the buyer-seller interaction through sales automation
  • Decreasing the amount of manual work performed by sales and  customer service.
  • Empowering their  customers to grow by launching a B2C store with visibility into their sales and inventory levels

We considered many of the most popular eCommerce platforms and OroCommerce was the only solution we found with true B2B functionality, with no patches required, and CRM included in the price. With Oro any customizations requested were possible, anything we asked for, Oro said - "yes, we can do that." We weren’t going to get that level of flexibility with anyone else in the market.


Joe Meinholz
Marketing Manager, PBE Jobbers Warehouse Inc.

The Solution

First and foremost tasks of the PBE Jobbers project was to cover the basics of B2B commerce digitization: 

  • Implement a flexible CRM that would connect all their customer touch points and serve as the single source of truth for lead and customer information. 
  • Implement a proper B2B eCommerce platform seamlessly connected to the CRM.
  • Improve user experience through a responsive website with improved design and structure. 
  • Implement a 2-way integration of the B2B eCommerce platform with SBC Solutions ERP.

These four steps laid a futureproof foundation for further digitization, growth, and development of PBE Jobbers business. The integration of OroCRM, OroCommerce, and SBC Solutions ERP platform instantly:

  • Reduced the amount of manual work required to manage the buyer-seller interaction.
  • Enabled sales to clearly see and act on abandoned shopping cart opportunities and follow up with customers that were searching for products but never bought them.
  • Provided their customers with the ability to quickly place orders easily from any device and enjoy a more user-friendly search enhanced with auto-suggest and auto-complete options.
  • Enabled customers to see and select available warehouse locations and stock amounts when placing orders.

The second phase of the project was further enhancement of the platform’s functionality. 

Additional marketing and customer experience improvements included generation upon customer demand of product PDF marketing material for up to 4 products based on any particular product view 

But the most fascinating feature was the addition of the B2B2C scenario. It enabled PBE Jobbers’ wholesale customers to launch their own B2C web store quickly and without  additional maintenance costs, as they will be tied to PBE Jobbers backend. PBE Jobbers in their turn received a great B2B customer retention tool, additional source of sales, and full visibility into their wholesaler’s direct-to-consumer sales and inventory needs.

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