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Healthcare Digital Transformation: Just What the Doctor Ordered

January 2, 2021 | Oro Team

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Digital technology has had a tremendous impact on the healthcare industry. It has given us new tools and solutions for a more patient-centred approach and improved administrative operations behind the scenes.

In the UK, demand for medical goods and services will only continue to increase, with digital already changing the healthcare industry. 

This rate of change will accelerate as hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, public agencies, and others in healthcare embrace online collaboration and digital tools that streamline operations and improve care.

What Is Digital Transformation in Healthcare?

Digital transformation in healthcare is about improving the experience for patients, maximising existing digital resources, investing in new resources, maximising technology’s positive impact on healthcare, moving to new business models and channels such as B2C or B2B eCommerce.

What truly makes for positive transformation is the people, processes, and execution that bring success to a digital transformation. A holistic approach to healthcare digital transformation provides a better experience for patients, providers, and insurers. Streamlined processes reduce the reaction time for clinicians, and this improves the overall quality of care.

Successful Digital Transformation in Healthcare

For the healthcare industry, the impacts of digital transformation are being felt across the board. Here are some examples:

Increasing ecosystems disrupted by non-traditional entrants

  • Amazon distributing at-home COVID-19 testing kits
  • Fashion brands turning their production lines to creating masks
  • Dyson producing ventilators to treat ill patients

On-demand, AI-enabled, predictive, and personalised treatment

  • Researchers using AI algorithms to predict the diagnosis of mental health and diabetes
  • NHS technology to forecast coronavirus hospitalisations
  • Chinese startup Infervision created a deep learning and image recognition algorithm that identifies early signs of lung cancer.

Innovations in eCommerce, supply chains, and manufacturing

  • Singapore-based, Structo, 3D-printing a million nasopharyngeal (NP) testing swabs per week
  • Kwipped created a medical-only niche in their B2B marketplace for the lease of medical equipment
  • Medical supplies distributor GI Supply expanded their digital presence to 40 countries after launching an eCommerce platform

Five Steps to Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Digital transformations start with people, meaning that there can be challenges in the very early stages. Some of the core challenges of healthcare digital transformation include regulations, cultural mindset, user adoption and expertise.

The best way to prevent these issues is to gradually onboard digital transformation and address any issues, expectations and capabilities along the way.

  1. Audit your current state

Whether it’s to improve the customer experience, company performance, or better align yourself to your market – the first step to achieving goals is clearly identifying them.

  1. Identify your goals

Whether it’s to improve the customer experience, company performance, or better align yourself to your market – the first step to achieving goals is clearly identifying them.

  1. Invest in digital assets

Your digital investments are the tools to create new revenue streams and business models, and your leadership teams must fully understand this imperative.

  1. Analyse your plan

A digital transformation plan must take into account key performance indicators and maintain a self-reinforcing feedback loop. Pay attention to the effects of your plan on your processes, employees, and across patient experiences.

  1. Build ecosystems.

B2C and B2B businesses such as pharmacies, biotechs, device manufacturers, and medical suppliers must grow their ecosystems. Buyer-seller B2B eCommerce driven ecosystems provide value and return to various stakeholders.

How We Transform Healthcare Businesses

Your digital transformation and digital presence go hand-in-hand. We offer a range of solutions to help healthcare providers and suppliers to grow.

OroCommerce is designed for unique regional requirements, approval processes, and various corporate structures. Our medical eCommerce platform accommodates the needs of healthcare organisations in any industry, with the following benefits:

  • Greater insights into digital interactions and purchases
  • Flexibility and ease of personalising the purchasing experience
  • Growth in average order value and lifetime customer value
  • Streamlined RFQ, CPQ, and QTC workflows

OroCommerce for Medical Professionals

The healthcare industry is huge and poised for massive growth, with significant changes brought on by COVID-19 and advancements in technology.

To find out more about our eCommerce for medical supplies or healthcare organisations, please get in touch.

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