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Fairprice is a supermarket chain based in Singapore and is the largest and most successful supermarket in the country.

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Fair Price
  • 15,000+ B2B Users
  • 3,500+ Monthly Orders
  • 6 Month Launch Time

The Challenge

FairPrice play a huge role in supplying Singapore with their groceries with 115 supermarkets in Singapore. While FairPrice already had a powerful and long-standing market presence, they were previously relying on a legacy IBM-supplied solution for their B2B and B2C markets, although this wasn’t able to meet their administrative or user experience needs.

Their biggest challenges were the expenses of adding new users to the system (in a fast-growing supermarket chain), difficulties managing and customising B2B user access permissions, limited flexibility for their B2B workflows and user experience goals and no capability to report or manage promotions in the B2B portal.


The Solution

After consideration of ways to resolve these challenges, FairPrice came to OroCommerce for our superior pricing package, ease of implementation, customer segmentation capabilities, powerful purchasing workflows and our out-of-the-box features that are B2B-specific, in an extensive dashboard completely customisable to FairPrice.

FairPrice selected Keyrus, an eCommerce integrator and OroCommerce partner to help with implementation. 

The end result was an effortless transition of product data, including product catalogues, preferences and reward programs. This partnership allowed for a smooth integration of an existing ERP synchronisation process they were already using for their B2C business systems.

After implementing OroCommerce, FairPrice were able to run five to ten promotions at the same time, all with unique experiences specific to customers’ buying experiences with their customer account. They were also able to set up trigger workflows based on previously-purchased products, leading to more effective marketing campaigns, loyalty programs and personalised upsells.

With their fast expansion, FairPrice required convenient payment methods for the B2B customers to have options when paying for products. This is why the addition of OroCommerce meant that they were able to provide these convenient payment methods, complete with cheques, credit cards and company accounts.

As well as this, FairPrice were able to implement the option to “buy now, deliver later” to allow buyers to schedule deliveries at a time that is most convenient for them.

With OroCommerce, FairPrice filled many gaps affecting their B2B business. They streamlined the backend, optimised workflows, improved performance, and the customer shopping experience. Now, FairPrice are positioned to pioneer B2B sales within the food retail industry.

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