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Future Roadmap


Looking to find out what’s coming for OroCommerce? With lots of exciting updates in the pipeline, we’d like to share with you our mid-term and long-term eCommerce roadmap plans.

We have split our future plans into three sections, our short-term plans which we are introducing in OroCommerce version 5.0 LTS, which you can view on our OroCommerce roadmap page, followed by our mid-term product roadmap which explains our plans over the next year, then our long-term roadmap which outlines the updates over a longer period of time, which you can view below.

While our mid-term plans are our priority targets for 1-2 future LTS release cycles, our long-term plans are a high-level overview of what we would eventually like to introduce.

Mid-term plans


  • Shared attachments (products, quotes, orders)
  • Converting quotes to PDF
  • Quote editing UI improvements
  • Shipping accounts

Store Frontend

  • Improved RFQ submission flow
  • Search integration improvements

Reports & Dashboards

  • Improvements to the reporting engine

Product Catalog

  • Improvements to product variants price management
  • Multi-attribute ordering forms
  • Product editing UI improvements

Order & Inventory Management

  • Default workflows for orders
  • Order management UI improvements

Account Management

  • Different account types
  • Account application workflow
  • Payment terms application workflow
  • Budgets & cost center management
  • Credit limits


  • VAT ID validation
  • Tax display configuration
  • Avalara AvaTax integration

Shipping Integrations

  • FedEx shipping integration
  • USPS shipping integration

Product Types

  • Product kits (bundles)
  • Virtual goods improvements

ERP integrations

Long-term plans


  • Sales representative UI – a store frontend view optimized for trade shows and onsite visits to a customer
  • Quote templates
  • Quote and request expiration notifications, automatic task creation
  • Quote line-item discounts
  • Additional display options for quotes and orders

Product Catalog

  • Replacement items and add-ons
  • Videos and other digital assets
  • Knowledge base and document library
  • Content versioning, review and approval workflows


  • Deposits and payment schedules
  • Invoices consolidation and multiple invoices per order
  • Stored credit cards
  • Additional payment methods and integrations

Contract Management

  • Switching between contracts and price lists

Order Fulfillment

  • Multi-warehouse routing options
  • Shipping directly from suppliers to customers

Store Frontend

  • Built-in instant customer messenger
  • CDN integrations
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