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Case Study: How Midmarket Distributors Compete With The Goliaths

Forrester interviewed several members of Affiliated Distributors, North America’s largest buying group of industrial supplies, to gather insights and success stories.

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Why download this report?

Are you a distributor looking to stand out in the competitive market? Learn how some of the midmarket industrial distributors use technology to empower their partners and customers.

Distribution partners today are much more than a digital point of sale – they unlock massive potential, enabling distributors to revolutionise their industries.

This report from Forrester outlines the emerging trends in the market and real-life stories from technology executives at midmarket distributors.

  • Learn about the ways B2B eCommerce is impacting distributors and the pressures they face
  • Discover how distributors in various industries use digital platforms to strengthen relationships and increase revenue
  • Find out what digital sales strategies proved successful according to sales leaders at different companies
  • Understand the key building blocks needed to maximise the success of your digital investments

Who is this report for?

This report is targeted towards professionals at midmarket manufacturers and distributors interested in or already leading digitalisation in their companies.

It will be useful for:

  • Digital Commerce Professionals
  • Marketing Executives and Directors
  • Business Development Executives
  • Business Owners, Presidents, and CEOs

What’s Inside?

This report from Forrester will explain (with examples from B2B distributors) how midmarket distributors can capitalise on B2B eCommerce technology to digitise their value proposition and unlock their competitive advantage.

How do you stay ahead of the B2B eCommerce game?

Business buyers are more empowered than ever, and the B2B eCommerce market is constantly changing. Learn about the forces in the B2B eCommerce market and what B2B merchants should keep an eye on to maintain profitable partnerships and deliver a leading customer experience.

What technology decisions are distributors making to help customers?

To stand out in a crowded marketplace, B2B merchants must solve more of their customers’ problems. Forrester interviewed midmarket distributors about their platform decisions and how they focused on driving efficiencies for their business. Get inspired with these actionable examples.

What strategies proved to be successful (according to sales leaders)?

Industrial sales leaders already rely on digital tools, but the most successful ones recognise the power of digital to engage more members along the value chain. Discover how sales leaders at interviewed companies use digital technology to take their supplier relationships to the next level.

What are the prerequisites of a sound digital platform strategy?

Want to take your technology strategy to the next level? Building a strong foundation is key! It's not just about the technology itself, but also the people and processes that support it. That's not all - there are some often-missed components that can make or break your strategy. Find out what they are.

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