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OroCommerce Roadmap


As a B2B eCommerce software solution that already paves the way for thousands of businesses around the world, we do have exciting plans in place of new updates to the OroCommerce platform which you will see in the upcoming release. 

Below are some insights of what to expect from the product roadmap of OroCommerce and how we are continuously improving our service.

OroCommerce version 5.0 LTS

Line Items UX and Performance

We plan to optimise the performance and user experience through RFQs (request for quotation), quotes and orders.

Import / Export

Introduce the ability to import and export data via flat files without having to utilise API or UI to fill the gaps, as well as allow for exporting and importing product visibility settings.


New out-of-the-box templates for your brand pages and navigation by brand, alongside simplified aggregate and range filter views and fine-grained control of filters (sorting order, tipe and sidebar/top position) on web-catalog and master catalog category levels. We’re also introducing further optimisation on guest user browsing performance and JavaScript optimisations.

Product Catalog and Content

To make setting up much easier, we’re introducing reusable content templates, product bundling, product kids and preview of content widgets.

Enhanced Marketplace Capabilities

For B2B marketplaces, we’re enhancing the capabilities through dividing sales orders per seller/organisation, while operating storefront websites by the global organisation.

Office365 Add-ins

Synchronised tasks and calendar events, with context search and links throughout the platform.

Technology Updates

Upgrade to Symfony 5.4 LTS.

PHP 8.x (latest security release), PostgreSQL 13 / MySQL 8, ElasticSearch 8, NodeJS 16, Redis 6 and MongoDB 4.4 will become the new minimum required versions (pending timely releases by the respective vendors).


To see a full list of features available in OroCommerce 4.2 LTS please visit our features page.

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