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Technology Partners

Bolloré Logistics, headquartered in Puteaux, France with presence across 5 continents and 105 countries, currently runs an extensive network of 602 agencies and employs over 21,000 professionals. The company ranks among the world’s top 10 transport and logistics organizations. They are ranked within the top 5 in Europe. Bolloré Logistics provides complex supply chain management solutions to omnichannel businesses coming from diverse industries and sectors. The company’s core services include multi-modal transport, customs and regulatory compliance, logistics, global supply chain, and industrial projects.

Bolloré Logistics also operates LINK, a logistics platform already used by 5,300 customers across the globe. This unique tool allows integrating all supply chain components via the web, mobile, EDI and API. Bolloré Logistics teamed up with Oro to offer their multinational customers a robust eCommerce offering that is fully integrated with their global logistics platform. The combined solution enables omnichannel retailers to streamline their business operations and ensures a faster order handling and delivery process orchestrated by Bolloré.

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