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Petra Industries Takes Their Customers’ Digital Experience to the Next Level with OroCommerce

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Based in the United States, Petra Industries are the industry’s consumer technology authority and provide business solutions to both manufacturers and reseller partners.

Petra Industries are now leaders in their industry and distribute consumer technology products for over 800 brands for retailers and retail partners.

  • MDS ERP Integration
  • Elastic Search Enhanced Search Features
  • Akeneo PIM Integration

The Challenge

Petra Industries had a great understanding of technologies that drive innovation and growth, however, their rapid growth in an ever-changing market led them to realise the importance of having a flexible digital commerce platform that can grow with them as they expand.

Their legacy eCommerce platform, at the time, was not able to provide the user experience their B2B customers wanted. The platform was also unable to allow them to improve their marketing capabilities through personalised campaigns, and couldn’t provide them with analytics of customer data or an efficient and speedy order management and fulfilment system.

As well as this, their platform had limited functionality and required them to build multiple add-ons to cater to B2B and B2C markets.

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The Solution

As OroCommerce had the features, functionality accessibility that Petra Industries were looking for, it was an easy decision for them to move over to our flexible OroCommerce B2B solution.

Josh Williams, Director of Marketing at Petra, says “We have worked closely with Oro to develop a platform that gives our customers a modern and efficient purchasing experience. Oro is a good foundation to build out whatever we need on our eCommerce site. PetraCentral™ has the convenience of consumer eCommerce sites but is specially designed to suit the unique needs of our customers’ businesses.”

As OroCommerce is partnered with Akeneo PIM, the integrations with MDS ERP and Akeneo PIM systems ensured a smooth transition from their existing platform to OroCommerce.

As a result of moving over to OroCommerce, Petra Industries were able to have a new scalable B2B eCommerce portal with the following upgrades:

  • Automated workflows for multi-step customer registration with approved credit through Bectran customer credit management system integration
  • Functional B2B customer accounts with multiple logins, different levels of permissions and flexible order approval workflows
  • Enhanced business customers self-service capabilities through quick order forms, CSV file uploads and personalised shopping carts
  • Improved analytics combining the power of Enhanced Ecommerce from Google Analytics and built-in OroCRM capabilities that comes free with OroCommerce
  • 360-degree view of customer data for sales and marketing to create personalized email campaigns and landing pages

Moving forward, Petra are planning to further explore OroCommerce’s extensive functionality and replace their legacy site search engine with a built-in solution from Oro. PetraCentral’s leadership team is positive that their new B2B eCommerce website will make their ambitious goal to transition 100% of their B2B customers online a reality in the nearest future.

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